CHYOA Site Suggestions

CHYOA Site Suggestions

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This page is designed to give the readers a voice in what is happening behind the scenes of Chyoa. Here you can vote on suggestions by writers, moderators, and readers which can be used to make Chyoa a better place.

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Top Ten
25 Ability to Sort Favorite Stories
25 Time Stop Category
27 Add a page/character Sheet
32 First Time/Virgin Category
34 More of an Incentive for finishing a story by wankitnow
38 Story Filter System
38 On site image hosting
39 Search by total number of chapters
39 Free Use Category
47 Add Transformation Category

New Suggestions
1 Ability To Transfer Drafts To other Writers
1 A way to see which users gave a chapter likes
1 Authors latest Activity
2 Alternate Options Of Voting
2 Change "Chapter" to something else by duckford
2 Expand Search Parameters To Include Stories Over 99 Chapters
2 Ability to search stories over 99 chapter
2 Make chapter titles visible in the "Recently Updated Stories" area by Sthaana
3Ability to follow specific braches of stories by by lt-ta
3 Stories of The Month by Damot
5 Chapter Notifications should include story title
5 Collaborative Chapters
6 Notifications Digest
6 Ability To See How Many Bookmarks are on a chapter
7 Display story depth from current page by Freeborgchoya
8 Display total number of chapters on the front page

Older Suggestions
10 Ability To Create And Edit Stories Offline
10 Place For Linear Stories
11 Ability to search authors by Category
11 Ability to Lock Chapters
11 Ability To Search Stories by Endings
12 Author Notes by lexxitrip
13 Special Tag for stories with pictures
13 Add Autosave to story editor
14 Determination Of Top Chapters Based On Recent Popularity
16 Different colors for recently added chapters
16 Ability to integrate customization into chapter by lexxitrip
16 Story map only indents when the story branches
18 Ability to follow specific braches of stories by lt-ta.
18 Add Author Tags
19 Ability to end threads
19 Add Dice To Stories For Games

20 Highlight Chapters You Like In Story map
20 Reverse Search Function
21 Add babysitter Category
22 % of Dead ends / % of multiple choices
22 Tags Search page
23 Add Picture Category
23 Add School Category

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Stories can have multiple categories - Under Construction
Dark Mode - Under Construction - Under Construction
Some Kind Of Tag Organization
Ability To Add polls To Story
Change The Default Name
Improved Story Map Readability
Add Impregnation Category

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