Brenda's Business

Brenda's Business

A highschool girl and her friends earn money for college

Chapter 1 by Shandy Shandy

Brenda moaned deeply, grinding back against Mr. Baker's thrusting cock as he plunged into her tight teen cunt. She gave a squeal of joy as he grabbed a handful of her dirty blonde hair and pulled her head back as he fucked her, his fat meat filling her as he grunting with frenzied lust.

"Give it to me! Give it to me Mr. Baker! Fuck my little pussy! Oh Fuck Mr. Baker that's so good!" she gasped, squirming on his impaling shaft as he dog-fucked her with relentless power. She could feel him swelling and pulsing inside her and knew that he was close. She'd already come once, and she bucked furiously, trying to get off again even as she urged him to fill her cunt with hot cream.

"Oh Fuck!" he growled, hammering into her. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He pulled her hair and squeezed her ripe ass as he buried himself balls deep in her humid pussy, spurring her second orgasm as she squealed in wordless delight, feeling the hot spurts of his seed inside her.

Gasping the two of them slumped on the couch, Brenda purring as Mr. Baker nuzzled the back of her neck, his cock slowly softening inside her. She smiled happily, content with the afterglow of her orgasms and the knowledge that she had just earned another donation to her college fund.

Mr. Baker was one of her best customers. Not only did he call her regularly, he often gave her a tip on top of her regular fee. And his long fat cock was an added bonus. There was nothing so sweet as getting fucked to orgasm while making money.

As the two of them lay cuddled on the couch, recovering their breath, Brenda thought back to when she had come up with the idea of her babysitting service. It was hard to believe that only two months had passed since she began, almost by accident. The business had grown quickly, and what with the money she earned on her own, and her percentage from the other girls she had recruited, she had put aside a sizable amount of cash for college. A few more months of this, she thought, a few more months and she'd have covered her tuition.

"Fuck that was good!" Mr. Baker chuckled happily. "It just gets better and better every time we do it." He stroked a strong hand down her body, and she turned to kiss him, nibbling his lower lip for a moment.

"You made me come so hard Mr. Baker, you always do! I'm still quivering!" she murmured, pressing her ripe tits against him as she wriggled.

"Mmmmmm….you feel so good. I'd love to go another round but I don't have time. You make me so hard you hot little minx."

"I love how hard you get," she purred, wriggling and kissing him again. "I love the feel of you inside my little pussy."

"God, I'm crazy about you. But we're out of time," he said, giving her a last hungry kiss and sitting up on the couch. She looked up, smiling coquettishly at him. He wasn't as old as some of her customers, no more that thirty five or so, and he had more stamina than many of them. He patted her ass fondly, then got up and pulled some bills out of his wallet, handing them to her then adding a few more.

"Thank you so much Mr. Baker," she giggled softly, standing up and kissing him again. "You're so generous."

"You're worth every penny," he laughed, squeezing her rump. "But I need to get back to the office. Same time next week?"

"Anytime you like Mr. Baker," she purred, biting her lip as she stepped back from him and started to gather her clothes. "I can always find time for you."

A few minutes later Brenda stepped out of the house, waving a goodbye to Mr. Baker as she strode down the street. She checked her phone for messages and saw that she had requests for three baby sitting jobs for tonight. No problem, she thought.

No problem at all.

Flashback to the start of things? Or move on to the evening?

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