Breaking the Amazon

Breaking the Amazon

A non-consensual fantasy

Chapter 1 by Philanthropist Philanthropist

The Sapphire Eagles, Queen Lianee's elite forces, believed that they were taking on a regiment all but broken. They believed your forces harried and exhausted, cut off from re-supply and on the brink of desertion.

It took time, effort, and some well-paid double agents to set up the ruse, but it worked brilliantly. When the swordswomen started to make their charge, your cavalry swept over the hill and cut them off, annihilating their archers and rendering retreat impossible. Without cover or aid, the main force of the Sapphire Eagles soon found themselves crushed between your cavalry and pikemen who showed no signs of weariness or uncertainty.

From atop a precipice near the launching point of your decisive cavalry charge, you watched the inevitable victory of your forces from horseback.

Now your vanguard returns, and they have brought a prize with them.

She struggles and spits as your men press her forward, her wrists bound behind her back. Nearly six feet in height, the redheaded beauty appears bruised but still as fiery as her mane. She wears a leather jerkin and short skirt, with thigh-high leggings beneath. Her trim, athletic frame is belied by her generous breasts and broad, curving hips.

Furious green eyes look up at you. "Misogynist dog!" She snarls. "You lick-spittles of that thin-blooded King Ashanon may have won this day, but it will be ashes in your mouths soon enough! You'll see!"

A shove from behind topples her onto her knees. With a gasp, she barely manages to avoid spilling gracelessly onto her face.

You smirk. Your men would not have questioned what you choose to do with this woman before; after today's victory, they certainly will not do so now. The only question is how to use her.

How will you make use of your captive?

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