Breaking Agent J: How We Fucked Her Family.

Breaking Agent J: How We Fucked Her Family.

Young and beautiful FBI Agent J has destroyed an infamous sex slave ring, now the sexy redhead and her hot family members must pay for her deed.

Chapter 1 by kinkyboy kinkyboy

Main storyline: First of all, it is just a fantasy non-consensual erotica with a focus on seduction, uniforms, lesbians, lesbian incest, and slut training. I have downloaded most of the pictures from the internet with no real world relevance. I do not encourage any non-consensual actions against women. Sexual acts without consent is bad. It is just a kinky story. Also, I hope people who add chapters to his story could keep physical violence to a low-level minimum, it is more about corruption, blackmail, and seduction.

This story is mainly about how a gang of criminals under the leadership of Father Jacob tries to take revenge upon a young, redhead FBI agent. After the humiliating destruction of their Church of Pleasure, they are obsessed with gradually fucking and corrupting Jenny McRae and her entire family of MILFs and hot girls into submission.

The sexually inexperienced Special Agent Jenny McRae will try to maintain her willpower and dignity despite the gradual corruption of her body and her loved ones. Her will is strong, but is it strong enough to endure the powerful drug Nymprofen and the slut training of Father Jacob?

The story begins after Father Jacob escaped to Agent J`s family home in a remote area in Oregon. The location is a large rural estate with plenty of space and no help. It would be nice to see how the gang turns each female family member against the others.


The first orgasm was beyond intense, if not mind breaking. Seven days of sexual torture and blindfolding, her body allowed to edge for 12 hours a day but never to cum, all unleashed in a glorious instant of pure, uninhibited bliss and ecstatic scream. Never have endured such inhuman pleasure, the young FBI agent actually blacked out, losing her consciousness into a thunderstorm of unimaginable ecstasy. And when she recovered her wits, she noticed that Father Jacob’s face was absolutely drenched with her juices. Obviously, the perverted cult leader was observing her pussy closely when his goons are fucking her with the vibrator, watching every twitch of her fine body when it was hit with constant arousal. The machine stopped.

"So Special Agent McRae, you have finally cum after all. That was a good one. I knew you have potential, you little slut."

"Fuck you pervert! It is just the drug! What ... What have you done ?"

"Just some improvement I have made with my favorite drug. I see you are still undefeated, that is the spirit, Agent J. Don't worry, we have time."

"Go fuck yourself ! Where is my sister? Where is my aunt? Where are Rosa and Melinda? I swear if you harm them a hair ... "

"They are fine, Special Agent J. Don't worry, I would never harm them. Instead, I am going to take good care of them. Thanks to you I have found the perfect new fuck angels. I have never seen so much beauty within a family."

"You fucking asshole! Leave them alone or I swear I will fucking kill you; I will never ... Ahhhhh"

"Careful Agent J. Use the bad word again, and I will forbid you to cum for an entire month."

"Fuck y ... Ahhh ! No, please ..., no more"

"Good girl, I can see that we have finished the first step of your training ... Be patient, Agent J, I am going to strip you down, bit by bit, until there is nothing left but a female ... "

Note: I am using this story to practice my writing skill. Some of the chapters are written based on my own fantasies, some of them are fan-fictions. Given the various kind of efforts I put into them, the quality and style may vary a lot. I encourage readers to explore a bit and find the one storyline the like. Please feel encouraged to add chapters and feedbacks as you like. Thx !

The story begins:

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