Bravos Feminine

Bravos Feminine

The Curse of Lust

Chapter 1 by NeedAMedic NeedAMedic

"Bravos Feminie" (or "The Bravos" as most people know them) is a group of heroes, composed of four women: Fuu, Becky, Emmaline, and Liv. Together they travel the land, slaying horrible monsters and protecting those in need. Recently, however, some strange spell has been working its way through the wilds, inspiring ravenous lust in the foes our heroes would usually slay. To make matters worse, it seems that this lust spell can be transmitted to humans via liquid contact, such as spit, venom or sexual fluids.

Who are the brave heroes that we’ll be following through their various journeys?

Fuu Teoming:

The leader of the group—a former monk who is determined to stamp out evil wherever she finds it.

Becky Hawthorne

Fuu’s second in command—a genius doctor and potion maker who sticks to the shadows to take down enemies and scout out information.

Emmaline Beaumanoir

A born noblewoman turned circus fire dancer known for her upbeat personality and beautiful acrobatic displays of fire manipulation

Liv Sanhurst

A former street urchin who learned impressive marksmanship to survive, the most taciturn and serious member of the group

And joining the original four from Episodes 2/3/4 onward are the new Bravos!

Robin Haverfield

An optimistic young swordswoman who sees the very best in everyone, and really just wants to be a hero and save the world

Skye Faval

A shy musician, along for the ride in the hopes of finding great inspiration from her adventures around the world

Kiera Shatterstorm

A former mercenary turned hero after her old company disappeared under mysterious circumstances, likely related to the eldritch symbiote which has since fused itself to her body.

What mission should they embark upon?

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