You never know who's doing the act

Chapter 1 by Juneberries Juneberries

You're Sam. 19 years old, short brown hair and a great big smile. You're a big guy with broad shoulders and a slim waist, packing heat even the jocks are jealous of. Stephanie, she's your girlfriend of 3 years now. She is 5' 4", with straight black hair falling to the side of her cute face; her eyes are a dark brown, majestic and slim, her nose small with a great pair of lips right underneath. Her upper body is thin, her breasts small enough to barely fit in one of your hands. The rest of her body however, is quite the pear: Her hips flare out widely in comparison to her slim waist, and her rear pumps out into a nice shape, not large enough to be a shelf but perfect for grabbing. This was the girl you've been with for these past 3 years, the girl you've come to know and love, and of course make love to. Sarcastic but affectionate, she is the perfect catch. And because of that, it hasn't been hard living through your current circumstance, which is the fact that you two are in a long distance relationship. When college came along, the two of you decided to stick it out even though she attends school in Chicago. You still visit once a month, travelling via plane. This trip is like any other, having landed and taken the local trains right up to her campus, greeting her at the ground floor before she signs you in, and taking you up to her dorm on the 16th floor. As you enter her dorm, you take note of the cleanliness of it all, as you relish in the knowledge that your girlfriend can finally be in your arms again. You throw your bags by Stephanie's desk, sitting on her bed, and laying back after such a long trip.

"So, how was your flight?" Stephanie asks, moving some things from her desk before jumping on to the bed next to you. She bends down and gives you a quick kiss, and rubs your shoulders a bit.

"You know, typical. Cramped, babies crying" you look at her sitting above you, her hands gently caressing your shoulders, and you smirk. "Thinking about you".

"Oh yeah? What about me?" She smirks back, knowing well what you were thinking about.

"Oh, about your eyes, your beautiful face, your soft lips. And maybe about your ass" you chuckle a little bit as you see her smile and blush.

"That's what I thought". She says, before sliding her hand down your chest as she bends forward once more, placing her lips against yours. They feel nice and mushy as your kiss her and you can feel her holding back her tongue.

"So, am I going to get lucky tonight?" You ask as she pulls away, a small string of saliva connecting your mouths breaks as she sits up.

"No, you're not" she answers, jumping off the bed and going to her desk. "It's pretty late and Christine should be back from the library any minute.

"Uugggh" you grunt. Christine was your girlfriend's roommate. They were good friends their Freshman year and decided to room together, though you knew Christine doesn't hold the highest opinion of you. Like your girlfriend, Christine is pretty small, being only 5' 3" and having a similar face as Stephanie. She had shorter dark brown hair, and similarly dark eyes and wore small glasses. From what you could tell her breasts seemed the same size as your girlfriends, but her backside was definitely smaller not by too much, but smaller nonetheless.

Can't we sexile her for the night?" You plead, knowing that the plane ride tortured you with thoughts of what you were going to do to Stephanie this weekend.

"No Sam, I'm not doing that to her. Besides, after I come back from the soccer field tomorrow she'll probably head to the library again. Then you and I can have our fun." She sticks her tongue out at you before you hear the door click, and in walks Christine. Tired, she barely notices you and manages to say high. She is wearing similar clothes to Stephanie, just some leggings and a simple shirt. As the night goes on, you set up your laptop at your girlfriend's desk while she does some work on her bed, and you browse the web and play some games. It's almost 3 am now, and you decide to finally hit the sack, and crawl into bed next to your girlfriend, who's already fast asleep. You snuggle your body close to hers, and close your eyes.

What wakes you up?

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