Barefoot Girl

Barefoot Girl


Chapter 1 by Owmyballs Owmyballs

Author's note: all characters in this story are over eighteen. This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional. Any similarities to real people is coincidental.

Hi, I'm Emma Morrison. I'm an eighteen year old cutie who's about to graduate high school. How cute am I? Take a look at the picture at the top of the page. That's me!

I live in a light blue two story farm house just outside Burlington Vermont with my family. My mom and dad are both veterinarians. My dad's name is Martin and my mom's is Darlene. Their veterinary practice is in an old barn they had converted into their offices on our property. We have two acres of land which we use most of for the dogs we take care of so they can get some exercise and do their business, you know piss and shit. It's usually my job to scoop the poop or to put the dogs out. That is the ones who are well enough to go outside.

Since it's summertime I spend as much time as I can going barefoot. I hate wearing shoes. I also love watching other girls go barefoot or walk around wearing sandals. Speaking of sandals they're the only type of shoes I wear in the summer.

You can say I have a bit of a foot fetish. I like showing off my sexy little feet and giving my boyfriend footjobs. Sometimes my female friends and I will give each other foot massages and kiss one another's feet.

So that's me. I like wearing sandals and going barefoot to show my feet off. You'll learn all about me as the story progresses. Enjoy!

Mom and Dad

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