Bad Tidings

Bad Tidings

You didn't know it yet, but you were already in deep water.

Chapter 1 by Maxwelzal Maxwelzal



All characters mentioned herein are of at least eighteen years of age or older.

Bad Tidings is a story that contains various forms of male humiliation and associated or tangential fetishes, some of which may include...

  • Chastity belts
  • Cock comparison
  • Cock worship
  • Cuckoldry
  • Dehumanization
  • Edging and orgasm denial
  • Excretion consumption
  • Forced/heavy handed sexual acts
  • Foul odors
  • Futanari (female with both genitalia)
  • Futanari on female
  • Futanari on male
  • Physical/psychological abuse
  • SPH (small penis humiliation) name a few.

If any of these, or other possibly associated genres or fetishes, are not to your liking... Well... it might be in your best interest to stop reading here.

I am not presently sure how each fetish will be incorporated into this story, (whether it will branch at certain points to allow for a more focused exploration, or whether each will be touched on in a single through line and revisited as I see fit), how long the story will be, or how frequently I will update it. I may include other fetishes if they strike my fancy, and may not directly use each of the previously stated fetishes (which were mentioned earlier to give you a general feel for what this story may offer). I have some other ideas, so if this story runs its course or never gets off the ground, I might try something else out. Also, it should be noted here that while I do enjoy happy and peaceful resolutions, this tale will most likely not have a "good" ending for the protagonist ("good" in terms of the protagonist's own initial perceptions). This is by no means a certainty and is dependent on whether I or other approved contributors choose to add alternate paths within the story, so please bear this in mind as you read.

For those of you who have stayed, you should know that this will be my first venture in writing something for fun and most certainly my first in erotica. That being said, even if these fetishes are in your ballpark, you still may not find this story satisfactory in quality or style. But hey, I tried. Right?

My desire to write was sparked thanks to grimbous' story, Runt of the Litter (I recommend you read it if you haven't!), and seeing Ihazcookie, a contributor to grimbous' work, begin their own story, Liz (which I feel has excellent potential after only the first chapter). I wanted to add my own take on the genre and aim for something that involves a little more intimacy in character relationships and greater reluctance/uncertainty on the part of the woman. I thought maybe I could give writing my own story a try, and so far I'm finding it very fun! (Whether I am successful in creating a story that I, or you, find pleasing afterward is another issue altogether.)

Final Note: If I don't update in a very long time, I probably: found something else to fill my time, got bored of writing for the time being, wrote myself into a corner and am unsure where the story should go next, am collecting several chapters to release as a set, or died... Hopefully not that last one...

Anyway, thank you for bearing with this long introductory segment. As always critique, praise and random comments are welcome.

I hope you like reading Bad Tidings!

(p.s. I've located the artist to be credited for the illustration. They go by 赤兵尉SETH and can be found on Pixiv. Anyway, I think it will fit nicely for this story...)

(p.s.s. The introduction to this story may take several chapters. I just need time to lay the groundwork.)



After the past few days of preparation, you finally place the last suitcase on your bed alongside the others, and zip it up. Having everything in order you take a small step back and scan the room, hoping to spark your memory for any other miscellaneous things you may still need to pack. As you glance around, your eyes come to rest on the framed photo you keep on your nightstand.

You and her, dressed in your finest and beaming with smiles that let the whole world know you had found everything you would ever need: each other. Even now, you still couldn’t believe it! Wasn’t it only yesterday that you were attending Blackwater high school, anxiously confessing your feelings to the girl you liked? No, it had certainly been far longer than that, but the feeling persisted none the less.

Along with that sentiment came the sensation of completeness, of fullness, from being in her company, which pleased you to no end and was reawakened at the beginning of each day when you slowly opened your eyes, wearily rubbing the sleepy blurriness from them, and found that it wasn’t all just a dream. This was your reality. She normally appeared so calm, composed, and refined, that seeing her delicate face lacking makeup, her blonde hair ruffled from sleep, and mumbling the quiet incoherencies of somniloquy, always amused you.

It had been a journey for you both, these past several years. Completing college, getting a job you actually enjoyed, marriage, finding a place to call home… But the hardships born from those times had been conquered; something you could look back on fondly as an adult and be proud of. Though more difficulties were sure to come along, you knew that with her by your side, you could surmount them with ease. The next few weeks however, would be a brief but much needed reprieve for you and her from any issues of the present. After boarding the plane and the lengthy flight scheduled later today, the both of you would be relaxing on one of the several sunny beaches the Tonobari Archipelago had to offer. Time spent in each other’s company, a renewal of your vows...

You don’t notice the shuffling of papers behind you.

???: “John, is everything packed?”

You: “...”

???: “… Johnathan?”

You feel a small hand gently touch your back, grabbing your attention.

Startled, you shake your head to clear it, and smile sheepishly.

You: “Sorry Anna... lost in thought… Yeah, looks like we’re all set to go! The resort should have everything else we may need.”

Annabel smiles radiantly, her bright blue eyes shine with excitement.

Annabel: “Good, I’ve got all the paperwork together. Tickets are in the front.”

She hands you a yellow folder with both of your documentation, then takes a moment to adjust her hair using the large glass mirror that sits on her dresser.

Taking the folder from her, you place it in your travel bag and sling it over your shoulder. Anna quickly retrieves her purse from the nightstand then goes back downstairs, leaving you to sort out the luggage. Gathering the suitcases together you attempt to safely navigate your way down the stairs, carrying them one at a time, and doing your best not to scrape the walls or bump into anything. Squeezing through the main entrance of your home, you start loading the car. After bringing the last suitcase and placing it in the trunk, you wipe a small bit of sweat from your brow and smile to yourself. Even though you aren’t what most people would consider strong, it made you happy to do any small thing you could for her. After waiting patiently for you in the car, Annabel unrolls the passenger window to ask,

Annabel: “Are you finished loading?”

By the look on her face you can tell she’s a bit anxious about the trip, simply from it being so close at hand, but her voice still brims with jubilation and you can almost see a glow emanating from her, a clear indication of her excitement for what lay ahead of you both.

You can't help but smile back at her.

You: “Yeah, but I left the door to the house open as I was packing. I’ll be right back!”

Hurriedly you trot back to the entrance and grab the door knob. Taking one last look at the interior of your home, you close the door and lock it.

What's next?

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