Auntie's Magic House

House sitting can end up very differently if your aunt is a witch.

Chapter 1 by 229 229

Sarah never liked her aunt much. She had learned it from her parents, she supposed. Half the family thought she was crazy, and the others believed she was a charlatan, claiming supernatural abilities to take money from fools who couldn't tell a tall tale when they heard, and maybe crazy as well. Her aunt, after all, claimed that she was a witch. She even had business cards claiming so. She must not have many friends either, as apparently she had asked Sarah's parents to take care of her house while she was away, and they had passed the buck onto her.

Still, Sarah didn't really have much of a problem with it. For one thing, her aunts house was huge. There were a lot of rich fools in the world, her parents said, willing to pay good money to be lied to. And Sarah had the run of the place, meaning that she could do whatever she wanted. Including inviting some of her friends over for a sleepover.

Who does she invite?

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