Audrey's Bet

Audrey's Bet

When a bet goes wrong, or is it right?

Chapter 1 by AsianFam AsianFam

Author's notes: So this is my first story, please forgive me for my horrible writing, spelling, word choice and everything. And also I have no clue what some of the settings I chose were like "chapters can have conditions" like I have no clue. So wish me luck. Don't be to harsh on me for this story it's my first.

Give me all the feedback you can please about everything, whether it be plot, characters, writing style, spelling/grammar I would love any feedback thank you

Also I'm typing on a phone at 1 in the morning before I got studies so sorry about that, also I'm not sure how the formatting will come out on PC so sorry about that if it's weird

Enjoy! (No one even reads the author's notes do they? I never did as a reader lol and enjoy to all the non users out there who can't comment and stuff, I used to be like you guys lol)

This may or may not be based on a friend of mine (lol)

Audrey is a young high school student going to the James Madison High School in Springfield.

She is senior currently trying to get through high school as fast as possible. Audrey is a short, thin built girl standing at around 5'3, with long silk-like, brunette hair reaching down to her mid back. She has a nice set on her with a pair of B cup breasts, and finishing it off with a small, round, tight ass.

At school she is known for being quite verbal and harsh even though she is a hard working student. She's always been one to go to late night parties and she just wants to leave high school so she won't have any responsibilities.

Audrey wakes up just like any normal day, she rubs her eyes as she sluggishly pushes her blankets and sheets aside, swinging her legs over the bed and standing up.

"Fuck!" She yawns, "What time is it anyways?". She looks over at her clock next to her bed on the nightstand that reads 6:16 A.M.

"Ugh, what, I have like an hour till I need to worry about the bus, or maybe I'll just catch a ride with Jessica." Audrey mutters rubbing her eyes some more and then walking out of her room into the bathroom down the hall.

Does she shower?

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