At the Cabin

At the Cabin

The story of a group of friends spending some sexy times at a cabin by the lake.

Chapter 1 by Duskford Duskford

A shiny blue sedan crossed over the flat roads just outside the small town of Azure Rocks. Its driver was just thinking his friends couldn’t have had a better idea than spending the two weeks of Spring Break at a secluded cabin that belonged to one of his friends’ family in the nearby Silver Lake Park, famous all around town for its cabins, camping spots, and of course, the lake that gave the park its name. Their senior year of high school was becoming too tiresome and emotional, soon most of them would go to college on different places and their tight gang would be disbanded. That week would be one of the final opportunities to reinforce their bonds. Or to create entirely new ones, the young man smiled while keeping his eyes on the road and the car ahead of his. It's great that the schools in our town give the students two weeks on the break, plenty of time to do whatever we want.

His name was Zachary Bishop, but everyone called him Zack. He was 18-years-old, his dark brown hair was cut short and his eyes were of an icy-blue shade.

Zack glanced at the rearview mirror of his car and chuckled, Gavin was already fiddling with his phone. He had convinced his friend to leave his usual laptop home, but apparently Gavin couldn’t have left on a trip without some form of electronic entertainment.

That’s Gavin for you, he mentally chuckled once again, getting his eyes back on the road.

Gavin Westher was his best male friend, also an 18-year-old. He had short brown hair and eyes of the same color. Gavin was pretty much a tremendous geek, very intelligent and with an obsession for new technologies. Because of those traits, Gavin often had problems in his social life, being very introverted, especially around girls. It began around the time his father died when Gavin was only four. Zack and Gavin knew each other ever since they were eight.

At his right side, Chloe was sleeping soundly on the passenger’s seat. They had decided to leave early in the morning to get to the cabin as soon as possible, so he assumed his best friend hadn’t slept too much last night.

Chloe McRose was his best friend and neighbor for almost their entire life. She had long straight red hair and clear blue eyes. But the asset that usually drew attention to her was the large pair of breasts at her chest that she liked to conceal under baggy clothes. She also had a very fit body, due to playing on the school’s soccer team. She was with Zack when they met and befriended Gavin.

He was following the car that his friend Heather’s cousin was driving, since they were the only ones who knew the way to the cabin. Brandon brought the rear in his car, bringing Ashley and Victoria with him. Thoughts of the blonde haired Victoria invaded his mind once again.

She was too beautiful for her own good, and a very sweet girl. Zack didn’t know many girls that could combine those two qualities well. If that wasn’t enough, Victoria was hot as hell, in his humble opinion. Her curvy bubble butt featured in his dreams quite often, as well as her medium sized round breasts and the amazing green eyes that sparkled on her face.

Zack was so absorbed by thoughts of Victoria that he almost missed a turn, which made him swerve the car very abruptly.

“What the fuck!” a suddenly awake Chloe yelled, jumping up on her seat.

Zack and Gavin couldn’t help but laugh at Chloe’s reaction, it had been too funny. “Sorry,” Zack apologized between laughs. “I was distracted for a moment.”

“Damn it, Zack,” Chloe complained groggily as she moved to a straight sitting position. “You have to sort out things with Victoria on this trip or I swear you’re gonna get us killed during one of these daydreams of yours.”

Zack frowned. “Do I daydream that often?”

Chloe nodded with a knowing smile. “Yup.”

Before Zack could look at the rearview mirror, Gavin’s input came. “She’s right, you are a classical daydreamer, my friend,” he affirmed, never taking his eyes and fingers off the touch screen on his phone.

“Well, it’s a moot point anyways,” Zack said, defensively. “I plan to settle the matter this week, for once and for all.”

“And that’s the Zack I know,” Chloe chimed in with a grin.

Zack smiled, Chloe had always been there to cheer him on and vice versa, being best friends and neighbors since they were two-years-old had done that to them. Because of that friendly closeness, they never considered each other for a romantic relationship, it was something that absolutely didn’t crossed their young minds at all.

“Are we close, Gavin?” Zack asked, having left his friend in charge of the GPS when they left Azure Rocks.

Gavin closed the game he was playing on his phone and fired up the GPS app. “Well, according to the coordinates Heather gave me, we shouldn’t be long now. In less than ten minutes, to be more specific.”

“Good, I’m getting tired of driving,” Zack stated.

“Want me to take over?” Chloe offered.

Zack shook his head. “Nah thanks, we’re pretty close now,” he kept looking at the road. “If there was like an hour left, then I would take you up on you offer.”

And then, about eight minutes later, the car in front of them took a turn to the left and eventually they pulled over in front of a very nice stone cabin that sat nearby the lake known by the locals as Silver Lake. Zachary’s friends started filling out of the other cars.

Brandon Cole, another 18-year-old, had been Zack’s friend for about a year now, when Zack helped him with Math problems he was struggling with. With short messy black hair and dark brown eyes, he played on the school’s football team and was dating the beautiful cheerleader Ashley Woodsen, also eighteen, for a year. He and the blue-eyed blonde girl were madly in love, and often served as an example for their friends of how a happy couple should be.

Heather Ravers was their hostess for the next week, her father being the owner of the cabin. Eighteen-years old, long, wavy dark brown hair and electric-blue eyes, she was the captain of the cheerleading squad at school and the envy of all the other girls, as well as the object of the boys’ lust due to her fit body and the large breasts that were even a bit bigger than Chloe’s.

Her cousin, Kurt Johnson, was a year older than the rest, at nineteen. A blonde with brown eyes, he lived and went to college in another town, but he and his family were in Azure Rocks visiting Heather’s mother, who was his mom’s sister. He thought that it would be a drag to travel with his family when he could be resting, but when he learned that his cousin was going to the family cabin with her friends, Kurt decided that he had to come along, especially when he saw Heather’s female friends.

Finally, Victoria Walker, the object of Zack’s affections. With long and wavy blonde hair and green eyes, she was sweet and intelligent. Unfortunately for Zack, she was oblivious of his feelings and had quite the habit of falling for douchebags.

Do they enter the cabin?

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