Assassins Creed: Brotherhood: The Portuguese Parisian Assassin Comes to Roma

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood: The Portuguese Parisian Assassin Comes to Roma

Portuguese, Parisian and Roman

Chapter 1 by Ragnockae136 Ragnockae136

(Outside The Tiber Hideout)

John's Horse Laid Dead beneath his Arrow-Ridden Body, but Still He Clung to Life, His Belief in the Creed in the Assassins Brotherhood Unbroken and Unbeaten, He Crawled through the streets, bloodstained Robes and Stab wounds all red and bleeding red. He Finally Collapsed in front of the Tiber Bridge.

(Inside the Tiber Hideout)

John Awoke to A Sweet singing, he tried getting up, but he felt several Stitches Pull and the Pain Causes him to groan and pass out. John had Fled Parisian Templars for months, finally fleeing to Italy, but just when he thought himself Safe, they captured Him, and Burnt Down The Village He Was Staying In.

John awoke again, this time he felt around for a Blade, and found a small knife. Hiding it beneath the Covers he waited until someone came before he drew. When a Soft and Strangely familiarly Humming came and Touched his cheek, John Seized His Chance. He Grabbed the Wrist of the Person, and Pinned them against the Wall Despite the Stiches being pulled out again. He Found a Beautiful Raven-Haired Girl Beneath His Blade. "Who Are You? Where Am I? And Better Yet Who Do You Serve?" Says John. "All Very Good Questions." Says A Male Voice. John Whirls Behind The Girl, Knife Still at Her Throat. "You! Why Do Wear The Robes of The Assassin's Brotherhood? Your No Assassin I Recognise." Demands John his Portuguese-Turned Parisian Accent Slipping Through. "I Am Actually, I am Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Mentor of The Roman Assassini." Says The Man.

John Releases The Girl. "My Name is John Doe, I am From The Parisian and Portuguese Brotherhoods, I am Pursued By A Group of Elite Templars, The Partisans. The Partisans are the Papal Guards, Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, and Mercenaries Guild all wrapped into a Single Elite Group, They Are Trained From Birth to Hunt Down Enemies of The Templar Order. They Pursue me for The List of Names I Carry, I Give it To You, The Cipher is Mine Alone." Says John as He Hands the List to Ezio. "Do You Need aid returning to Paris or Portugal?" Asks Ezio. "No, There's Nothing Left for me there, My Cell was Butchered, and My Kinsman Silenced. I Shall Stay in Rome, To Heal." Says John. "Will You Help us Fight The Borgia?" Asks Ezio. "I'll Stay in Rome to Heal, but after that? Well We'll See. Meantime, I'd Like The Wine in My Saddlebags if you don't mind?" Asks Ezio. "As You Wish." Says Ezio as John Sits back down as the Woman Goes back to Restitching His Stitches.

"You Know I Never Did Catch Your Name? Miss???" Asks John. "Claudia." She Says Curtly. "Claudia? Such A Pretty Name For Such A Pretty Girl." Says John as He Smiles at Claudia, Who Jabs two Fingers in his Wounds causing John to Pass Out. Right Before He Does He Calls Claudia A Angel Among Angels in French and Portuguese.

John Had Been Spending Time At The Rosa in Fiore, Watching Out For The Courtesans. He'd Learned The Borgia were Hard on the Girls, So he Took To Acting as A Protector when troublesome clients appeared. John Divided His Time between protecting the Courtesans, Training and Just Drinking a Cup of Wine whilst watching the Sun Set. In truth he'd taken a liking to Claudia, He found her Fiery Passion and Innate Strength of Personality Strangely Soothing and Quite Refreshing compared to The Lack of Emotion and Liveliness in Portugal and France's Dourness of Character.

It wasn't lost on Him that any man would need to have a fairly large amount of Drive and Patience if he hoped to "Tame Claudia Auditore" but John was Just Such a Man, His Experience and Travels made him exceptionally capable of Handling Wild-Willed Girls like Claudia. He'd Spent time in Constantinople, Greece, Spain, England, India, and Egypt. While There he'd picked up several tricks from his Brothers there, The Ottoman Assassins Gave Him His Hookblade, The English Assassins his Razor Wire Blade, The Spanish Assassins His Curved Blade, The Greeks His Hollowed Prong Blade, The Indians Assassins His Trident Blade, and The Egyptian Assassins His Needle Blade. John Used These Many Times, His Razor Wire Blade Was A Wheel of Razor Sharp Wire That Popped out of The Underside and Could Be Used To Strangle Enemies.

John Generally Preferred His Trident Blade on His Left Arm, Since That Was His Dominant Arm, While He Wore His Hookblade His Right Arm. With His Hookblade, He Could Pull A Target To Him, and Would Then Thrust His Trident Blade Inside The Target's Throat. Since The Hookblade Could Be Set to Use A Hook or A Blade Based on Personal Preference, it Was Extremely Versatile in Nature of Combat. John's Use of The Hook Focused on Freerunning, Climbing, and Combat Grappling So He Rarely Used The Blade Itself, In Fact He'd Modified His Blade to Remove The Blade Entirely. In Place of The Blade Were Two Three Pronged Hooks For Extra Stability and Grip During A Climb or Grapple. Between The Prongs Were Braces For Needles in case of Combat.

Regardless John Was Currently Drinking His Cup of Wine, Which Was A Mix of German Apple and Pear Brandy, French Wine, and Portuguese Ale, a Rather Odd Brew, But Then He needed the Hangover to cope with his Losses to The Templars. Of Course There Was Also Nothing Better Than Running Through Rome With A Monumental Hangover,

John Awoke From His Stupor To Here Fighting in The Brothel. Hastily Pulling His Shirt On, Having had Drunken Sex with One or Two Courtesans Last Night and Gently pushed The Courtesans From Him, and Puts His Hidden Blades on His Forearms and Rushes into the Rosa in Fiore and Finds Claudia Defending The Girls From Borgia Guards. John Leaps into Action and Kills Three before He Headbutts a Guard and Both of Them Are Properly Dazed From it, Him Especially So. When He Almost Recovers Completely The Guard Already Has Recovered ans Cuts Him From Eye To Cheek, From Cheek To Ear, and From Ear To Mouth. John Clutches His Face In Pain, Before He Is Stabbed in His Shoulder.

John Manages To Find A Seat As Some of The Courtesans Escort Him to the Side. The try to clean his Bleeding face, but he pushes their hands away removing His Cloth from his pocket, and wipes away the blood. "Fils D'un B√Ętard" John Curses in French. As His Vision Clears He See's Ezio. "Ezio, Looks Like You'll Be Having My Support After All, Meet Me atop Pantheon when Your Done Here." Says John before he Walks Out

What Does John Want????

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