A story of the zombie outbreak

Chapter 1 by JDNNP52 JDNNP52

Jonathan's head rang with the force of the collision. The boy opposite him nearly took him out with this latest hit. He pushed back decided that the young man would not break the defenses of the small group. The snarling attackers pushed forward, determined to get past the defenders and to the defended people.

Smaackk! The sound of the receiver catching the football and the roar of the crowd signaled the end of the game.

“21 to 20! The Tigers win the semi-finals!” the announcer screamed over the ecstatic crowd. Jonathan pumped his hand into the air as he jogged down the field toward the end-zone. Already the receiver was being swarmed by fans and press members, crazed by the success of their team. As Jonathan pushed through the crowd towards its center and his fellow teammates, he heard the voice of his sister call out over the loud din of the fans. The exact words were swept away into the wind as people congratulated each other on a game well fought and won. Jonathan turned to look for her and began to push his way towards where he had heard the voice come from.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sounds brought them from their dark holes advertising the living and weak. The smell of sweat and bloodshed on the field of battle called to them. Offering them the delicacies of flesh and bone. the football field shone in their dim knowledge of the world like a beacon. “come to me” it seemed to say. “come, and your hunger will be satisfied.” And they came from all over. They came.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the time Jonathan found his sister the stands had emptied themselves onto the field further swelling the large crowd of people milling about and celebrating the victory of the team.

“Hey there superstar” his twin sister, Susan, smiled up at him with an impish look in her eye. “How was that last play? It looked a bit rough out there.”

“Yeah, it was. Nothing I couldn’t handle though.” His smile echoed his sisters. “you didn’t look so bad out there yourself. The other boys on the field couldn’t stop looking at you.” He winked at her now blushing face.

“Oh, stop it, John. You know I’m not like that.” She gave him a reproachful look that quickly broke under the joy of the heartfelt compliment. “Thanks. But sometimes I would like to disappear. All the attention they pour on me makes me uncomfortable” She whispered. The words Susan spoke to Jonathan giving a glimpse below the mask of the popular cheerleader she always wore. His sister was at her core, a quiet and shy loving person.

“Hey, Johnny boy.” The voice of James, a fellow teammate, sounded from behind Jonathan.

“c’mon man. You know I hate that nickname.” Johnathan’s mind flicked back to when Marcus, the school bully, gave him that nickname. Turning from that thought, he asked, “anyway, what’s up?”

“Well, a couple of the guys and I are going to head out to bill’s house and break out some of his father’s liquor. We were wondering if you would like to join us?” James’s eyes flicked behind Jonathan for a moment, and he knew that James had seen his sister. “your sister is welcome to join us, and bring some of her cheerleader friends” he said winking at Susan.

“tell him no thanks” his sister's voice dripped with disgust.

“thanks, but we can’t come tonight, we have to visit our mom.” The reaction to his words was visible, as James stiffened and turned his head away.

“Yeah,” the sickness in his voice was evident. “you go do that. Tell your mom how I made that awesome last-minute catch!” He cried as he lopped away toward a group of boys that Jonathan assumed would be heading out with him. Jonathan turned back to his sister while she still glared at James.

“what’s up with you?” he asked.

“that boy is nothing but trouble. Sometimes I wish the student council had more power so I could get students like him removed from our school teams. They are just bad examples and representatives.” she often complained that the student leadership of the school were just figureheads and had no real power to change it. To her, this was another situation where that was evident, and it annoyed her. Jonathan laughed.

“when you start picking fights with people I know it is late, Let’s get out of here.” Jonathan began to push his way through the swollen crowd toward the

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sounds of laughter and excitement were close. The shadows lurked in the dark drawing closer to the light. The movements of the living called out to them. There! A motion in the shade. Two figures moving together. Their moans draw the shadows closer. A lunge and grab. A strangled scream. The flesh of the once living drives them on into the light.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The crowd of people that occupied the football field had swollen in the half hour since the end of the game. While a few people had left more had arrived, with people coming to pick up family members and loved ones. Many people swamped the center of the field blocking others from exiting the stands. As Jonathan pushed his way through the crowd of people closely followed by his sister, he noticed an unusual hush that had fallen over the gather people. Continuing to maneuver his way through, he eventually came to the edge of the group. What he found there shocked and horrified him. A dirty figure, a young woman, in fact, stumbled towards them from around the bleachers. One arm limply clutching the stump of the other. Splattered blood decorated the left side of her face and what was left of her cheerleading uniform. The uniform itself was tattered and ripped. But what Jonathan couldn’t stop looking at was her eyes. Her eyes were wide and terrified and spoke of a nameless fear. She took a few steps toward the silent crowd and opened her mouth to say something before being pushed to the ground with a groan. A man stood hunched and bent behind where she had been a moment before. The man looked sick. His hair was falling out, and his skin appeared cracked and discolored. His eyes were the worst part of his features. Bleeding and leaking puss from under their lids they followed the limbless woman’s fall to the ground. Jonathan knew what was going to happen a moment before it did. The sickly looking man leaned down towards the fallen woman, who was still struggling upon the ground, a bit into the woman's leg. The woman screamed as the sick man ripped a bleeding chunk of flesh from her leg. Jonathan couldn’t look anymore. He turned and pucked into the grass at his feet. He heard his sister gasp and felt her grab his hand. Simultaneously several voices yelled out.

“the heck!”

“He Fucking eating her!”

“Somebody call the cops!”

This noise grabbed the attention of the eating man and drew it away from the now still body on the ground. When his eyes met the eyes of the people in the front row of the crowd, he howled. A dark primordial sound blasted outward from this things throat. The call startled the people out of their shocked stance and into action. Some around the edges began to move towards their cars while some of the men stepped forward toward the creature in front of them. Jonathan glanced upward from his bent over position at it. He was sure that this thing was no longer human. A noise road in on the wind bringing with it the scent of blood and death. Splitting the night half a dozen howls echoed the sickly man's call. From within the dark shadows that blanketed the undersides of the bleachers, figures stirred. Stepping out of the darkness and into the light, dozens of twisted men with cracked skin and bleeding eyes moved toward their prey.

The bloodbath began.

What to do, what to do?

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