Another Life on Consolidated Planets

Another Life on Consolidated Planets

When friends became more than friends.

Chapter 1 by AlfredHitchcock0 AlfredHitchcock0

~ National City - Earth-38

"There's so many more ways to harm your kind than to simply weaken you."

Kara bit the inside of her cheek, forcing herself to remain level headed, despite the burning urge to do... something. Queen Rhea of Daxam had just used Silver Kryptonite to convince Superman that Supergirl, his cousin, was his worst enemy.

Rhea was still talking about how amazing her plan was, but Kara could barely hear it through the hazy panic taking over her mind. "Kal," she called, trying to ignore the way her voice wavered. "It's me, Kara!" It was obvious he didn't hear her. He only heard what he wanted to hear.

"You should've stayed away, Zod," he told her.

"Kal, listen to me-" the girl was cut off when Kal-El shot a beam of energy out of his eyes, and she was forced to return it or risk being melted. Then he tackled her. Out of a window. And Kara had no choice but to fight back against The Last Son of Krypton.

It was a tough battle, she lost track of how many times she was slammed into the cement and how many punches she took to the head, but in the end, Kara Zor-El had emerged victorious! Sort of. If you could count falling unconscious in the middle of a park water fountain as victorious.

Kara then went on to challenge Queen Rhea of Daxam to Dakkam Ur. A fight to the death, because Supergirl became the Champion of Earth when she defeated Superman in combat. Rhea accepted, because really what choice did she have? Mon-El wasn't too keen on Kara's decision, but like she told him, she didn't have time for him to be afraid. She needed him to be strong. Every news station channel in National City was tuned in of course, like the little leaches they were.

Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz had woken up from his coma, thanks to M'gann M'orzz. She'd sent a telepathic message to J'onn's mind from all the way in Mars, begging him to wake up, to help his friends. He was up in seconds, slightly confused, yet more lucid then he'd been since he came to Earth. Then he was planning and prioritizing like nothing had happened, ordering Kara to take care of "The Sensational Tone" the battle was receiving from the media, because Supergirl couldn't have a huge civilian audience showing up to a fight between two aliens. People would be hurt. There could potentially be causalities, and Kara wouldn't be able to focus on winning if she was busy protecting bystanders.

Superman went with her to Cat Grant's office, as Clark of course. She was just as annoying as usual, but she'd finally relented in exchange for an exlcusive interview with Supergirl. If there was a checklist, they would have at least one thing checked off!

In all honesty though, even after all their worrying and planning, it was looking to be rather bleak. Rhea absolutely could not win this battle or their entire planet would be... Kara didn't even want to think about it. It made her stomach turn uncomfortably and left a sour taste in her mouth. It couldn't happen. Luckily (or rather, unluckily) Lena Luthor had a way to fix it. A device that would send just a trace of lead into the atmosphere, harmless to humans and Kryptonians, but deadly to Daxamites like Rhea and her son, Mon-El.

Kara wasn't too keen on that idea. Her mind was ripping itself in half, trying and failing to find a different way, a way that would let her stay with Mon-El because it wasn't fair. There should be something she could do; she'd lost so much already. Why wouldn't the universe let her have this one thing? Why did she have to choose?

In the end, she knew there never really was a choice. She chose to save the planet out of a sense of duty and honor. But she took no pleasure in having to send Mon-El far away, in the space ship Kara had came to Earth in, when Krypton had exploded all those years ago.

Kara Danvers was broken. And alone. Superman, Alex and even Cat Grant gave her words of encouragement, wonderfully eloquent, beautiful words of encouragement, but her heart refused to take comfort in their acts of kindness. She needed something. Or rather someone to help fill the void in her heart, after it was ripped in two. But she wasn't quite ready to Love someone again. It was just too early for that sort of thing...But she did need somebody to be there for her, in her time of need. Somebody to pick up the pieces. She needed somebody to understand her, truly understand what she was going through. Someone who was just as broken, and as hurt, and as lost as she was.

However, she was still a hero, the finest on Earth-38 apparently, so she had to put aside her feelings and deal with a fire on the west side of her City, the one she'd promised to protect. Little did she know that an old friend, from another Earth, would soon show up on the outskirts of National City, all because the Speed-Force felt like stranding him here on Earth-38.

~ Central City - Earth-1

Barry had just humiliated the time-remnant of himself by destroying the Savitar suit, and was ready to walk away and just let the time-remnant fade away into complete nothingness, despite the twisting anger coiling in his gut. But before he'd even taken the first step he heard the evil version of himself move to attack- well, the version of himself without the nasty facial scarring- and he turned around just in time to watch Savitar, (the time-remnant), get shot in the back by Iris West. It was strange, watching himself collapse to the ground.

Iris let out a shaky breath, eyes wide and hands still clenched tightly on the handle of the gun. Her body shook as Savitar faded away into dust, curling in the breeze until there was nothing left. Only then did Barry dare to move, running to his fiancée and pulling her into his arms. He was relieved to still be alive, and yet, at the same time, he also had wished they could have found another way to neutralize the "threat of a hostile Time-Remnant" from the distant past. But, he supposed, life wasn't perfect; this time, there really was no other way.

Everything that happened next was a blur. Everyone had to get patched up, which was more difficult without Caitlin around to help. They finally had their break though, a moment to unwind without metas breathing down their necks. Still, no more than seven hours had passed before a new threat had begun to endanger everyone in Central City. And this time it was the Speed-Force itself.

Barry was in the early stages of planning his wedding with Iris, everything had been going right, but life seemed determined to find a way to throw a monkey wrench into his plans. Now, as he stared into his fiancée's eyes, it became obvious what he had to do. He had to sacrifice himself to save Central City. He had to fix his mistake. And while he would be leaving behind a lot of family, friends and loved ones, it was either that, or let Central City; no the entire planet, be destroyed by the Speed-Force. He knew what he had to do. He may not love Iris West as much as he used to, but he loved his step-father Joe and his teammates and close friends enough to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

After saying his good-byes to everyone he knew, he spun around one last time to look at what he was being forced to leave behind. Cisco and Iris were in tears, despite their best efforts to stay strong, and even Julian looked upset. Barry felt a twinge of guilt, that only increased when he grabbed onto his mother's hand. She pulled him forward, and he hesitantly stepped into the Speed-Force, only shortly turning back and sharing a brief "sad-smile" with Iris West. He wasn't sure if he loved her as much as he did two years ago, but he knew that he would miss her, at least a little bit.

And just like that he was gone. The Speed-Force had reclaimed Central City's greatest hero. The Flash was no more. At least for now. But as we would soon find out, the Speed-Force works in mysterious ways!

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