Anna's ENF Adventure

A Day at School!

Chapter 1 by anonenffan anonenffan

At first it seemed like any ordinary day at the High School for Anna. She had a fairly plain uniform on. The clothes themselves were new, but the look of the uniform was not. Not that she cared. Being in school, it was time to focus on lectures.

Currently it was an algebra class, which Anna was rather talented at. In fact, she had a tendency to read ahead on the lessons. Anna was a couple of chapters ahead of the class.

A consequence of this, however, was that there wasn't much new to learn that day. So focusing on the lecture wasn't exactly easy.

There was something else bidding for her attention. Anna could feel it on her backside, underneath her skirt. Something was causing an irritating, almost itchy sensation.

She tried not to think about it, and adjusted the way she sat. But the feeling persisted. Anna gave her skirt and panties a light tug, thinking that would send the irritating feeling away, but to no avail.

Anna tried to think what it could be. Some kind of tag? Why would a tag be so annoying? Maybe it was something else.

She put her gaze to the rest of the class in thought. She was currently in the back, and well ahead of the lesson. Anna had the time to figure this out.

What did Anna do? Leave the classroom? Or try to fix her panties there?

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