Allie the Easy Earth Girl

Allie the Easy Earth Girl

Looking for love on the final frontier.

Chapter 1 by johnsmithhhhh37 johnsmithhhhh37

The 21st century was the greatest age of discovery that humanity had ever seen. Not content with exploration of the Solar System, explorers set out to explore and colonize the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. The Higgs-Einstein Arcway enabled fast, safe travel to any point in the Galaxy, and advances in genetic engineering allowed colonists to adapt themselves to their new worlds. And, because the earliest Arcways were not Relativity locked, the pioneer civilizations developed and diversified for centuries before the Resynchronization. Thus dozens of profoundly different cultures arose, each still fundamentally human, but with strange new anatomies and customs.

And they all meet at the Fulcrum: a massive star base orbiting the original Earth with Arcways to every colony. Citizens of every culture (or Clade) wind up here to do the things that humans do: trade, make peace, make war, and, in some cases, make love.

That last one is the focus of my story. Just as the physiologies and psyches of the many Clades of humanity have diverged in their new worlds, so too have their mating rituals. What are they, and what can they tell us about our new neighbors? And, perhaps most interestingly, what happens when very different rituals meet?

What's next?

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