Adventures of Flint Hardwood, Bounty Hunter

Adventures of Flint Hardwood, Bounty Hunter

In 1862 during the American civil war Flint Hardwood is tasked to bring in two outlaw sisters who killed their father and stole his money along with something of great value to both sides of the war.

Chapter 1 by RicoLouis RicoLouis

Winter 1862

I looked out the window of the stage coach as the snow started to fall, the first snows of winter feeling a little sorry for the driver. I hated the damn snow. After this job was done I take my money and head west, California maybe. There sure as hell wasn’t anything left for me back home after the war. The snow sent a chill down my spine but luckily I had two lovely ladies to keep me company.

I glanced down at them. A French lady from and her daughter. I had paid their way in exchange for them making it worth my while. As far as I cared right now the driver could drive me and the ladies all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Mom had my dick in her mouth showing her daughter how a French woman made love. It was a first for me as well. I had had my share of women up and down the Atlantic but I never had a French chick put me in her mouth.

Mom, the Madame Beaumont moved, her mouth as her daughter Mademoiselle Belle shyly took me into her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as her lips wrapped around my cock. She began to move her head up and down. Granted she wasn’t as good as her mother but there was something about her virgin lips on my cock that really added that certain je ne sais quoi. The mother leaned her head back down and began to lick my shaft of my bell tower while her daughter rung the bell with her lips.

“Bon appétit Mademoiselles.” I groaned. The mother smiled up at me. She wore a lovely dress, well lovely in the fact that it showed off a lot of cleavage. I let my mind wonder a bit thinking about the job. I had to hunt down two women, sisters. Francesca and Jessica Jameson both wanted for the death of their father, a railroad tycoon, and the theft of his money. I smiled as I pulled out the photo I had of them, a nude photo of the two topless sisters in an embrace. I came by it on accident in the pocket of one of my bounties. I always thought the wanted posters where a little blown out of proportions in the breast department until I saw the photo, if I didn’t have to arrest them I might have wanted to fuck them, though it wasn’t like I had never done both before. Damn that Irish chick was angry when I still turned her in but to be fair I only said I would think about letting her go.

I had tracked the photo to a photographer in a small town called Widow Hills. Once a mining town before the ore dried up just before the war it was now home to women and children just trying to escape the war. The perfect place for two women outlaws to lay low. I smiled as he put the picture away and looked back down at the ladies. I still a whole day’s trip ahead of me and two lovely ladies who would do almost anything I asked.

What Does Flint Want?

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