Adventures in Family Loving and Bonding

A sexy and fun 18th birthday with the family

Chapter 1 by Madrox13 Madrox13

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Throughout all of human history since the dawn of time from cavemen up through the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and China to the New World with the Inca's, Aztec's and Mayans. From the Medieval times through the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment and Gilded Age as well as through all of Humanities greatest times to it's lowest points to today. Some societal norms have remained relatively unchanged through out all of history and around the world with a great number of people from all walks of life, whether they came from a poor family or a rich one it was generally thought that every adult should be able to partake in the simple things in life if they so chose to. Those societal norms of course still existed today with various laws surrounding them and policed the world over.

A few of these societal norms were public nudity, public sex, to a lesser degree, and incest were extremely commonplace with free use policies within households commonly observed as well. Public sex was not as common as public nudity and incest due to various laws protecting minors from seeing or participating in any and all forms of sex. There were clear and easy to understand laws in place that needed to be followed such as designated areas with a privacy wall for public sex in which no minor was allowed to enter even if they were with a parent or legal guardian, or behind closed doors within a private residence containing minors. The consequences for lawbreakers were clearly stated and widely known due to how harsh they were and it was rare that anyone broke these laws.

Around the world in every sovereign nation once they became recognized by the U.N. similar legislation with similar laws and punishments based around these societal norms were passed allowing anyone that wished to indulge in such things had to be 18, which was made the universal legal age of an adult. Because of these laws clothing standards were greatly relaxed in terms of what was considered covered up as most adults that chose a public nudity lifestyle tended to only wear shoes and there were no clothing laws in place regarding minors, but most parents made their children remained fully dressed until around 16 when they could choose to dress as skimpy and scantily clad as they wanted provided their genitals were covered as were their breasts in the case with females. Schools adapted similar policies including if a person reached 18 while still attending school they were subject to these rules too despite many complains from Senior students.

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