A friendly birthday gift.

You're 21 and Liz has a nice set of gifts.

Chapter 1 by yitzach yitzach

Your name is Evan. And it is your 21st birthday.

Since you were actually a goody-two-shoes leading up to this day, your friends had tried to convince you to get totally shit faced. Which of course, would never happen. You drank, you partied, and it was a good time. It was a birthday to remember. And the best part was, the party was the day before your birthday. Now you had your whole birthday to do whatever you wanted.

You rolled out of bed and looked at yourself in the mirror. You've worked hard to get yourself to this point. You were the tubby nerdy kid in high school but when you started college you decided that had to change, so you worked your ass off, literally. You are now about 6' tall, weigh about 200 lbs. of pure muscle and have a 9 inch dick. Your long brown hair and goatee coupled with your glasses make you a drop dead stud for any females on this earth.

You throw on a pair of baggy shorts over your boxers and head downstairs. You live in a flat with a friend from college named Shaan. His full name is Shannon. He's and Irish kid and still can throw on the drunken accent every once in a while. But no one dares berate him over his name. You peek into Shaan's room on the way down and see him asleep with a girl under his arm.

"Fucking man whore." You say to yourself. You've always loved woman, but for you there needed to be something special about the girl for you to get down and dirty with her. Shaan on the other hand, has never minded shacking up with any random skank. Which didn't bother you, since you got to see them running around the flat naked. But it just wasn't for you.

You decide to check out the damage in the flat and make your way through the living room into the kitchen. As you pass through the doorway, you happen to see a form laying on the couch. It's your good friend Liz.

Liz is short, about 5'1". She's black, which has sparked a few heated arguments with Shaan in the past, but you never cared. All you cared was that she had huge fucking tits, and a great ass to boot. Her enormous breasts must have been at least a G cup. THEY WERE HUGE...

She'd always been flirty with you in the past, but you'd never made a move on her since you really did just like her as a friend. Then again she was flirty with everyone. She was 20 and had probably had a few dozen boyfriends since turning 18. You assumed she'd fucked everyone of their brains out. But from what your mutual friends had told you, she'd only had sex a few times ever.

You decide to wake her up, why not have some fun with your probably hung over friend? Not to mention if you got closer you'd have a perfect view down the front of her spaghetti-strap blouse.

How do you wake her?

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