A day at the beach

sex and sandcastles

Chapter 1 by crazi crazi

Christine walked onto the crowded beach, her hair flowing over her milky shoulders, tickling her, as she glided to an open area to set up her towel and cooler. She laid on the towel, face to the sky as the hot sun beat down on her goddess-like body.Christine was 22, 5'8'', blonde hair, green eyes, and 125 pounds. Her stomach was flat, her ass was firm and her breasts were a perky size 34C. Basking in the sun was the life!!! No cares and no worries for the whole day.

Christine sighed, opening her eyes for a split second, she saw the most heavenly creature she had ever seen. The magnificent woman that she saw had to have been 5'7'', red-hair, and a very sumptuous, curvaceous body. Christine sat up, staring with her mouth agape. She had never seen such a lovely woman before, let alone find ANY woman sexually appealing.

She stood up and walked over to the beverage stand where the beauty was. Shyly, Christine said, "Hi." The red-head turned her head towards her and smiled. Her baby blue eyes sparkling.

"Hello!" she replied, in a sexy, sultry southern accent. Christine very nervous by now, blushes. The red-head smiles and bit her lip.

"Was there somethin' I could do for ya, Sugar?"the red-head asked. Christine looked deep into the red-heads eyes, looking for some kind of invitation, some sign that she wanted her. She felt herself melt inside and felt butterflies in her pussy as her pulse quickened.

"Yes, there was..."

What does Christine ask?

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