A Twin Sisters interesting relationship.

A Twin Sisters interesting relationship.

Curious Twins sisters are not holding back.

Chapter 1 by Redrose640 Redrose640

This is a story of a pair of twin sisters who get into shenanigans with each other and even others if you choose. You can choose to follow either the younger twin or the older twin. There are many options to choose from but first let me introduce our two lovely ladies!

Blair Mahone – The younger of the twins, missing being older by seconds. Blair is the smarter of the two but at the same time is lacking in other areas. With a small ‘C’ size chest and a butt that is more on the flatter side, there is much to be desired by this girl when appearances. Though her striking blue eyes and long, blonde hair get her enough attention.

Elizabeth Mahone – The older of the twins. She has the opposite of her younger sister, not being blessed with intellect but getting all the ASSets she needs to get what she wants in life. A large pair of ‘DD’ boobs and a big butt below, she has the attention and loves to show off. Her normal brown eyes and wavy brown hair are not usually seen first.

Basic as it gets for a bio but let’s not waste any more time! Choose a girl and see what sorts of problems you can bring upon them.

Who are you going to choose?

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