A Ranger`s Journey

Adventure In the Magic world of Alleria

Chapter 1 by coolcatyomom coolcatyomom

Nota Bene: This is story will involve sexual interactions with beings that may seen like they do not have intelligence. *spoiler* This is an incorrect assumption made by the characters in the story. All beings are of legal age. The author does not encourage sex with plants/mutants/whatever. Just fuck people who are 18 or up and are willing. The author is saddened that he has to include that last sentence as it should be common sense.

Welcome to Alleria! In this world a human`s life force is connected to their sexual fluids. Normal humans are unable to harvest this energy, but many plants and animals have mutated to be able to. They survive mostly by capturing and feasting off the sexual fluids of humans. Since a captured human may provide a great deal more energy is kept alive for a period of time rather than being simply drained dry, most mutants will keep their catches alive as long as possible in order to drain the most energy. Almost all inevitably kill the prey they catch however and for most prey the experience is less than euphoric.

The mutants fall into two general classes, those who need victims to reproduce, and those who do not. Those who do will catch humans and use them as breading tools as well as food. If caught by these at particular times of the year a human can expect to be kept alive even longer or even released once breading is completed. Mutants who don’t need a host to bread capture humans for the food they provided and the future after getting caught by one of them is significantly bleaker.

Humans have responded to this by banding together and by going through some mutations of their own. Human birth rates are much higher, and children mature faster. Males and females are more athletic. Females tending to be faster, more flexible, more dexterous, and more agile. Males tend to be stronger, and sturdier. Villages and cities have developed with walls around surrounding them. Each rely on the other for certain resources not found in their location. For example, a city on the beach like Retrin requires lumber and metals from cities like Isletad and Dronevast. With many cities relying on others to survive, either to feed populations or to maintain defenses, conflict between cities is almost entirely waged through economic warfare and adheres to very specific rules. The result is that cities and towns can turn their martial forces to the problem that faces them all, protecting the cities from mutants. Each village or city has a wall that surrounds it from which archers or even cannons in the more advanced cities can be placed. These defenses are the primary defense of a city but are considered of secondary importance to the rangers.

The rangers are humans trained to engage and kill mutants in combat. They are in many cases how villages make their income. Caravans of trade goods travel between cities and require protection from mutants. In order to provide such protection cities will either provide their own rangers or caravans can charter protection from other rangers. These rangers cost a lot of money and it is not uncommon for the majority of the expense of trade to go to hiring good rangers. Its this way that many towns have been able to survive off the skill of their rangers. You live in one of these towns.

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