A Modern Overlord

A Modern Overlord

Power, Money and Sex of course...

Chapter 1 by The6thLaughterGod The6thLaughterGod

The Overlord Is a being of power, born and bred to rule over all other, they are rare... in fact only seven have ever existed, some are absolutely evil, ruling over all others without a care for anything or anyone who gets in their way, some are rather grey awarding those who serve and punishing those who defy, and then there are the Goody, Goody Overlords who reject their ancestors legacy, appearing as Saintly or Heavenly figures even, either way an Overlord has no place as a simple or normal person, they are meant to be above all others, and though each is unique one thing is always the same... Baldwin.... the Head of the Overlord's Minions and guide to each and everyone of them, helping each one grow into beings of great power.

and this was No different for this Overlord, who still rested in his tomb, but would be awakened like all the others, in a world he dosen't know or Recognise awakened into a modern world....

the only question is, where do they awaken?

Where does the Overlord awaken?

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