A Growing Family

A Growing Family

sometimes bigger is better

Chapter 1 by Surebull Surebull

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Jack Spaul was living a relatively normal life with is mother and two sisters the youngest being 19 and the oldest being 26. His mother divorced his father after she caught him with a man from his work, she genuinely loved him and to find out that he never felt the same hurt her. She got everything in the divorce along with a healthy alimony settlement even though she made more than him. Jack himself was not that buff or tall only being 5'8" and 145 pounds of muscle and bone. he was almost as nerdy as Sarah but he was more of a film buff. he is currently in college studying to be an architect.

Jack's mother Amber is 44 and works of a publishing company as an chief editor with her own corner office, but she only goes into the office for meetings and the occasional work emergency. most of the time she works from home in her home office. when a deadline is fast approaching she can sometimes spend days on there only come out for food and to use the bathroom. as looks go she is pretty average standing at 5'3" with a 33 b-cup, 29" waist, and 34" hips. her face was moderately attractive with a few small blemishes and an old acne scar on her chin that refused to fade although her dark brown hair and hazel eyes tend to be what most people notice.

His older sister Sarah is 26 and just recently moved back in to help after the divorce. she just graduated college and is looking for a job nearby in computer science. she is a true nerd through and through she can tell you the difference between a hyperdrive and warp reactor, and catch any obscure sci-fi or fantasy reference you throw at her. she got her looks from her mother while being just a bit taller at 5'5" with a 34 b-cup, 28" waist, and 35" hips. she has a young face which is moderately pretty with no major blemishes but her bulky glasses ( near sighted from her dad) makes it hard to look at anything but her eyes which ate the same light hazel that her mom has, as for her hair how ever she has dyed it dark blue.

As for Jack's 19 year old little sister Kimberly, she was the black sheep of the family being a cheerleader in highschool but once she graduated she had no idea what to do and applied to the local community college for a liberal arts degree in dance and choreography. unlike her sister and mother she used her small frame to her advantage being only 109 pounds at 5'2" and with a 30 A-cup, 26" waist, and 33" hips. she had the most attractive face out of the three of them with green hazel eye with lightly tanned skin that matched her dyed dirty blond hair.

but all of that was about to change for the larger as Jack stumbled across a box that his dad ordered but never opened. The top of the box read "warning handle with care, sensitive materials inside", along with a pink and blue logo that was partially ripped off that from what he could read said " Growth Industries". Jack decides to check it out and opens the box.

What does he find inside?

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