A Fairy Tail Journey

A Fairy Tail Journey

Putting the magic in your hands

Chapter 1 by dirty1992 dirty1992

A crash of lighting roaring across the unlit night sky and the pouring rain pelting you with its ice cold rain drops are the last things you remember before you blacked out. You where just walking or were you running? Where were you going? You can't remember. What were you doing? You don't know.

You could not remember anything expect that moment and yet opening your eyes, you find yourself somehow on a bed in a place you've never seen before. At once your hands shoot all over your body checking to see if you still had clothes on and luckily you did. Yet are theses your own clothes? You did not know as you could not remember.

"What happened to me?" You ask yourself as if the answer was somehow buried deep inside you like a well hidden memory. You had no clue where, what or why and as such you begin to panic like a child who has lost sight of their mother. You heart beating faster and faster, your breathing getting heavier as you bolt into a sitting up position only to see an tired looking old women looking back at you at the bottem of your bed.

She stands there with a surprise look on her tired face and her thin hands wobbling underneath a sliver tray she holds to her chest.

"Oh you are alive...

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