A Dad, but not a Daddy

A weak father slowly slips into homosexuality and sissyhood

Chapter 1 by SissyBoiToi1 SissyBoiToi1

You are Jack O'Connor. You're 28, and freshly married to one milf of a woman. Your new wife, Miranda, is 39, but still has a body like a 21 year old. Well, besides the massive rack. You yourself are quite skinny and weak, although somewhat wealthy.

The weirdest part of this marriage however, is your new stepchildren. Your wife's children with her deceased first husband are 18 and 20! And they don't like you at all. The 18 year old Amy hates having a Dad only 10 years older than her. The 20 year old Tony still lives at home, as he goes to college in town and he was always the "man of the house" since his dad died. The fact that you took that role away makes him mad.

You wake up, bleary eyed and tired. You roll over to hug Miranda, but find she is already gone. You wipe your eyes, climbing out of bed. It's your second day in this bed, you're not used to it yet. You look at your alarm clock--oh my God it's 7:30! You'll be late for wo--

Oh wait.

You were laid off last week.

So you're not late for anything.

You sigh, and begin to get up to start your day. You should shower, but you're hungry. Maybe you could eat first.

How do you start your day?

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