A College Initiation

Chapter 1 by switch76 switch76

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It is the start of your first term at college. Your name is John. You have decided to join one of the fraternities and are making your way to the sports field where all prospective members were told to meet. When you arrive you see lots of guys but are surprised to find lots of girls there also.

You walk around trying to spot someone in charge from the fraternity but are unable to do so. You then spot a really gorgeous looking girl just in front of the stage and podium. She has a great athletic figure, long dark hair and dark brown eyes. She looks friendly enough so you walk over to her and decide to strike up a conversation.

"I was suppose to meet here to join the fraternity" you say to her "Do you know if I'm in the right place?"

She turns to you and replies "I was told by the sorority, if I want to join, I should come here. Seems strange that they are holding the meetings in the same place. By the way, I'm Doe."

"Nice to meet you Doe. I'm John."

Conversation between the two of you flows easily and you continue chatting away as if you've been friends for years, when suddenly the sound of somebody on the microphone draws your attention.

"Hello, I'm Chris and I'm the head of the fraternity."

A girl next to him leans towards the mic and says "...and I'm Claire and I'm the sorority head."

Chris continues "Thank you to all of you who have attended. If you haven't already guessed, this year's fraternity and sorority initiations has been organised and will be held jointly! You each will have several tasks which you must complete to be allowed to join. You will be given an envelope with instructions for your first task.
These tasks can take place anywhere on campus or in the local town. There will be members of the fraternity and sorority along the route to help (or hinder) you. Once you have completed the first task you will be given another envelope with instructions for your next task."

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