5 Year Reunion for Ridgecrest High Girls Swim Team

The swim team cums together again

Chapter 1 by ropencuffs ropencuffs

Stacy got so excited when she got the invitation to the reunion for her High School Swim Team. Amanda had invited everyone and Lynn, Becky, Kelly, Samantha, Diane, and Tamara all responded. At 22 and 23 years of age, they all wanted to catch up on lost time.

Red headed, Stacy, 23, 5-8, 135, walked up the drive at Amanda's. The Ben Wah balls she had inserted before the drive down had been rocking gently as she cruised the freeway in her new Super Beetle. The drive from Napa had been a pleasant one, putting her in the perfect mood for the weekend. Stacy was greeted with a hug from Lynn, Becky, and Amanda, who were all wearing bikinis.

Damn, they all looked like they had never quit working out. Amanda, the host, looked great at 5-10, 142, long blond hair and perfect 36c, 25-35. Amanda's suburban home was set back from the street. She married her 30 year-old stockbroker husband right after college graduation, and could not wait to invite the girls in for the weekend. Lynn at 5-2, 32B, 22, 33 and 118 was the smallest but naturally trim, her short jet black hair always attracted both the guys and girls. Becky, an assistant High schol coach, ran 3 miles a day. At 5-6 and with a 38d bust, she had a tight athletes butt. Her long dark hair was gathered into a mid-back ponytail.

After hugs around, Stacy went the pool house in to slip on her suit and surprised Diane and Tamara in the middle of:

What were they in the middle of?

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