3Some - Incest Addition

Fuck Mom and Sister Anyway You Please. (Now Open)

Chapter 1 by Perversion Perversion

You wake up to the sound of the alarm clock as you groan and curse under your breath and reach over and fumble with it for a second before you find the off button. You lay there for a few seconds more as you curse again remembering that it was Saturday and you didn’t have to be anywhere this morning and could have slept in if you had just turned off that damn alarm clock.

Mom was probably already gone out for the day having a shopping date with your aunt having drug the baby along. For some reason as you think about your mom her huge milk filled tits fills your head. You reach down and give your morning erection a little squeeze as you imagine your sucking on her long hard pink nipples, drinking her milk. You and mom had grown close after dad had died and she had even started flirting with you, at least when sis was not around.

Sis was probably still in bed. Your little sis who wasn’t so little anymore took after mom and had a nice pair of large breast herself. While not quit as big as moms they were very impressive to say the least. However she still had the same adorable face and pouty lips that you couldn’t help but think about as you give you’re throbbing cock a little rub imaging her lips around your dick her baby blue eyes looking up at you. You debate just laying here for a bit and jack off, or maybe see if sis is awake, or maybe jump in the shower.

What Do You Do First?

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