30 minutes

Cum Countdown

Chapter 1 by lehart lehart

Your a man in your mid twenties and your cock is as reliable as old faithful. For whatever reason it has always taken you exactly 30 minutes to cum. Arrayed before you are 3 beautiful women who all want your cum. Michelle is a petite redhead in perfect shape with a fair complexion and small perky breasts. She is gorgeous but very shy and timid. Candace is the blonde bombshell that is always chipper and happy. Average breasts and great legs made her a goddess. Then there is Rachel, she is a punk rocker through and through. She has a number of tatoos, and peicings, and darkly exaggerated goth makeup. They all want to swallow it, or fill themselves with it, but none of them are birth control. There are two ways to play this game, you can be the master and pick your target. Or you can let the tie you up and see what happens. None of them know about your internal timer. Time to make your first decision.

Who is in control?

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