3 Families

3 Families

A story of family, friends, and lovers.

Chapter 1 by RicoLouis RicoLouis


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Rico Louis

It was a little after dawn as Alexander smiled when he saw the city limits sign as he sat behind the steering wheel of his SUV. After three tanks of gas, six energy drinks, and two fast food stops he was finally home. He had made it home for winter break but hadn't been able to make it home for spring break instead trying to finish his term paper so it had been several months since he had seen his family. Mom would most likely kill him if he didn't come home for summer break. Luckily no one was expecting them till tomorrow so they would get to surprise everybody.

He peeked over at his navigator who was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Josephina, who went by Joanna to her family and Jo to her friends, she had long wavy cinnamon red hair which caught the morning light making it glow as if on fire. Turquoise eyes hid behind her tightly closed eye lids. She was tall and slender and had a light vanilla skin with light freckles. She wore a black tank top that hugged her small perky peach sized tits. The thin fabric did little to hide her breast underneath. A pair of cut off shorts covered her bottom. Though Jo tits weren't all the impressive her nice tone ass was. Her long slender tone legs where slightly spread bright red panties peeking out underneath though he had seen her in her underwear almost every day anyways. Jo actually preferred wearing clothes that made her comfortable rather than looking sexy though she somehow still managed. She often wore tight jeans or shorts. She never wore skirts and he had only seen her in a dress a few times though she looked damn sexy in one.

She had been his best friends since middle school, though they hadn't always gotten along at first, after all she had kicked him in the balls when he was twelve though looking back he kind of deserved it. After their parents made them make up she became part of the family, going hunting and fishing with him and his dad. Her and her sister even got presents under the tree ever year. They never moved past friends, though not from a lack of him trying and getting shot down a lot.

It wasn't until about a year ago that she told him that the reason after he had caught her looking at one of his porn movies he had left in the DVD player. She liked girls. That had changed their relationship a bit but for the better in the long run. It was nice having a girl around t whom he could talk about checking out other girls knowing she was as well, or who didn't mind going to a strip club, not to mention she didn't mind porn, as long as it was girl on girl.

After high school they had decided to go to college together after she had gotten a scholarship to one of the schools he had applied. They had managed to get a dorm room together since it was co-ed after his roommate had dropped out. They had even gotten a part time job together at a novelty store. He reached over and gave her a little nudge, as she opened her eyes.

"Morning." He said as she looked at him then rubbed her face.

"Morning, what time is it." She said looking at him realizing the sun was out.

"About seven." He shrugged glancing at his watch.

"You were supposed to wake me up at four to take over." She stretched out a little cracking her knuckles as she interwove her fingers. They had left early yesterday morning and had taken turns driving.

"I wasn't sleepy." He shrugged having taken a nap late yesterday afternoon before he took over at midnight. ?Besides I figured you could use a nap.?

"Where are we anyways?" She said looking around. He could tell it looked familiar to her.

"Home, Just passed the city limits sign." He shrugged pointing over his shoulder.

"I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight." She said as she rubbed her neck then put her arms behind her neck as she stretched causing her breast to heave forward. "Get a little privacy." She teased as she noticed him looking at her small heaving tits.

"Don't know about that. You do share a room with Penny." He teased. She had shared a room with Penny as long as he had known her in the little two bed room trailer they lived in. It had taken him longer to get used to sharing a dorm room with somebody, the only problem she had had was a desire to kill her first roommate in a very slow and painful way. If anything Jo had really been able to come out during college.

"Yeah but Penny doesn't check out my ass every time I pick up something off the floor." He didn't say what he was thinking about a little sister on sister action.

"In my defense it is a very nice ass." He grinned.

"Damn right it is." She nodded as she played with the radio until she found an old rock and roll station they had grown up to as teens.

"Any idea where you're going to be sleeping at?" She teased. His Aunt Patricia and Cousin Rebecca had moved in since he had been off at college his cousin had taken his room while his Aunt had taken the guest room. Becca was by far his favorite cousin and though he had never told anybody she had been the first girl he had ever made out with.

"I am sure mom will have something worked out." He shrugged. At least his mom hadn't renovated his room into her yoga room or nursery like she had joked. There was always the couch in the basement which doubled as a game room slash man cave. Dad had made sure it was comfortable so he had a place to crash if him and mom where fighting. The basement was nice and cool in the summer.

"Well if you need to you can always crash on the couch at my house. Mom would love to have you and I am sure sis wouldn't mind." Jo said with a grin. Though Jo trailer was small he had always been welcome there, Susanna, Jo's mom was very fond of him and was like a second mom to him. Penelope Jo's sister had always had a more than a little crush on him. Though the last few years it wasn't so one sided, Penny had been a late bloomer and had blossomed from a skinny shy little girl into a lovely young lady.

"You want me to drop you off first or?" He asked looking over at, he hadn't really thought about much about it until now just worried about getting home.

"Up to you, I would love to see your mom and sis. Maybe get some real food in my belly." He knew what she was saying there, college wasn't the best place for healthy eating and he hadn't had a really good meal since Christmas. His mom loved to cook and he was sure that she would make them breakfast even if they weren't hungry. Jo had eaten over at his house a least once a week and his mom had never given up trying to put some weight on Jo though the girl could eat like a guy and not gain a damn pound.

"Personally I would think you would want to see your girlfriend." She teased as she made a hand like a fist then held it to her mouth. Then she stroked it back and forth sticking her tongue in her cheek, mockingly illustrating a blow job.

"She is not my girlfriend." He shook his head trying not to laugh. Christina and he had split up when he had gone off to college. Though only a few months younger then Joe and him, Chrissie's birthday fell later in the year meaning she was a year behind them, which meant she had just finished her senior year.

"Okay friend with benefits or fuck buddy or whatever you call you two call yourselves then." She teased. That was true, she had broken up with him last summer saying she wanted him to enjoy college and not worry about trying to maintain some long distance relationship. He was upset at first but the break up sex had been amazing, all three times. They had hooked back up during the winter break though she had made it clear it was just for sex. Though he knew she still cared about him, letting him go was just her way of showing it. She had commitment issues especially after her parent's picture perfect marriage had fallen apart. Part of the reason she had hooked up with him in the first place was because her dad didn't like Alex who he saw as beneath his baby girl.

"Besides I hear Gwen is single if you and Christy or over." Gwendolyn was Christina's twin sister and his sister's best friend since forever. Winnie as she liked to be called was a sweetheart and was responsible for getting him and Christy together. She loved playing match maker and had even tried to hook Jo up a few times before Jo was ousted. Only Jo knew that he had a thing for his Ex-girlfriends sister, problem was Winnie was never single for long and he had missed his one shot he had had. She hadn't liked it when her sister had dumped him.

"Why are you so eager to get me laid?" He grinned looking over at her having mentioned Penny, Chrissie, and Winnie it was clear that she trying her best to get him to hook up with someone while he was home.

"Because it's been too long, you get grumpy if you haven't had sex in a while." She teased. He had a short relationship last quarter but with school and work it hadn't worked out.

"Well I can't help it if I am not as easy as you." He teased. She reached over and punched him hard.

"Ouch." He rubbed his right arm as the left held the stirring wheel. He often wondered how someone so slim could hit so damn hard. Though he knew she could hit a lot harder.

"Hey girls got to get some when she can." She shrugged her shoulders. She had two relationships while they were at college, not counting a one night stand, though neither of them had worked out at least the first had been a mutual breakup and the second Jo had dumped her unlike Jo's first relationship that ended in disaster and her being pushed out of the closet.

"You plan on visiting your dad while you're home." She said looking out the window. The question had come out of nowhere.

"Yeah." He shrugged as he touched the dog tags under his shirt. He had started wearing them after dad had died keeping them under his shirt as to keep dad close to his heart and to not remind his mom and sis every time they saw them. He hadn't almost gone to college not wanting to leave his mom and sis but his mom had convinced him that his dad had worked too hard and too long to make sure he could. That and Jo had said she wasn't going if he didn't.

"When you do I want to come." She said looking out the window. His dad was the closest thing she had ever had to a real father figure. He sometimes teased Jo about being his second son because of her Tomboy nature, something Jo took as a compliment. His death had hit her just as hard, it had been one of the few times he had ever seen her cry.

"Of course." He reached over and put his hand on her shoulder as he gently let his thumb rub her shoulder. She turned and smiled as she reached up and rubbed his hand.

"Okay moments over." She said as she playfully brushed his hand aside. "So where do you want to go first captain?"

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