24 Hour Challenge

Infinaint power, for a limited time only

Chapter 1 by gothamalleyviper gothamalleyviper

"Ah I see you have the 'gift' for the mortal," the cosmic being smiled at it's compatriot, "Do you think the mortal will be able to handle it? Which realm shall we be off to? Which mortal will this gift be presented to?"

The cosmic being gave a chuckle to it's compatriot.

"Really? That realm?" the cosmic being took a human form so that it could lick it's lips, "And I am sure you have a mortal picked out to bestow this 'gift' upon. Will this mortal make their world a better place? Or will the power corrupt them and cause them to go mad with power?"

The Cosmic being shifted back to it's amorphis form.

"Don't give me that," the cosmic being laughed, "Mortals, no mater how moral they may be, are tempted to abuse power as soon as they get it, and you are giving a mortal god like power."

Which realm? A Fanfiction story, a sci-fi setting, a gothic story, maybe a high fantasy storyline?

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