18 year old curse

Birthday shower

Chapter 1 by Noonehere18 Noonehere18

Becca Miller rises out of bed early one morning smacking on her alarm to shut it up, she wore a long shirt and panties to bed that's it. usually she's a late sleeper but today? It's special it's her 18th birthday she's officially a adult now and she plans to go out before the festivities begin she picks out a outfit, a long little bit of a thin blue dress, a sexy thong she's been saving just for today, she almost passed on a bra but realized the dress was a bit see through in the light and went with a strapless bra to go with it before she leaves the room she takes a look at herself in the mirror, short brown hair, beautiful green eyes, soft white skin, She's 5'3 A good size B cups breasts and has a not too small but little cute ass. she leaves the room being silent as to not wake anyway and she doesn't really want to be seen in her pajamas, little does she know today is the day the curse awakens, her family has a history... Of accidental exposure while in public but only on the female side of the family and no one know why, when a female in the Miller family turns 18 her curse awakens and this curse to keep it hidden has a few tricks up its sleeve, First, it goes away when the women have their first female child, it's gotten out upon the child to once again be reason when that child turns 18 so they never see their mother befall the problems she had, 2 the curse forces the mother to never tell their child about their... Incidents they can say there unlucky but not really what happened (other people can say what happened though) and the child can't tell anyone else, so they can't get help from anyone only that they are unlucky, also the curse doesn't like to strip the females all at once it likes a slow process throughout the day or through a shorter span of time, sometimes depending on how long the person will be out and about, it likes to force the person into humiliation situations like bottomless while in the middle of a store force the person to get clever on how not to expose themselves anymore (only to fail)

does something happen before she reaches the bathroom?

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