"Accidental School Girl"

Chapter 1 by Girlyboy13 Girlyboy13

Michelle Johnson and her younger sister Samantha were moving across town to start a new life after their parents were killed in a car accident. Michelle was declared Samantha’s legal guardian in order to prevent her from be placed in a foster home. Samantha had a troubled history and would frequently skip school which resulted in several run ins with the police. Michelle was no saint either.
Taking one last look around, they boarded the bus for the ride across town.
19 year old Steve Arron Miller hated his name. He preferred to be called Sam. Sam had always been small in stature, with his long hair and soft-spoken manner, and quite often had been mistaken for a girl. Just recently graduated from high school, he moved in with his girlfriend, 18 year old Michelle. Sam couldn't find a job so he spent his time hanging around their apartment all day while Michelle worked.
One morning, Michelle asked Sam if he would run to the bank and make a deposit in her checking account so the rent check wouldn't bounce.
After Michelle left for work, Sam rolled out of bed and jumped into the shower. Quickly getting dressed, Sam headed out the door.
As he was walking down the street, a police officer walked up behind him and grabbed his shoulder.
"All right. Come with me."
"Why?" Sam asked. "What did I do?"
"You know you should be in school right now," the officer replied.
"Oh, there's been a mistake! I've already graduated!"
The officer looked at Sam. "Then you won't mind showing me some identification. Just to prove that you're old enough to have finished school."
Sam suddenly realized that he had forgotten his wallet at home. "I don't have my id with me," he said quietly.
The officer had heard the same story time and time again. These punk kids think they are so smart. This one looks so scared. Probably give me a fake last name or something.
"Then you will have to accompany me to the station while we sort this out," the officer said. "What's you name?"
"Sam, Sam Miller"
"Well, Sam, this shouldn't take too long."
Once they arrived at the station, Sam was taken into the back and ordered to empty his pockets. He quickly did so. The only items he had were the deposit slip and Michelle's check.
While Sam was doing that, the officer typed Sam's name into the computer that contained the names of all the students in the city. He wasn't surprised when nothing showed up. He looked up at Sam and was about to say something when he noticed the check sitting on the counter. Taking it, he scanned for a last name and saw Michelle's name. Smiling to himself, he typed Sam Johnson on the keys. He almost laughed when the info appeared on the screen.
Sam Johnson, A.K.A. Samantha Johnson, 18, Female, Well-known truant. Current grade level: Freshman due to constantly being truant. WILL LIE REPEATEDLY AND EXCESSIVELY. PROCESS ACCORDINGLY. DO NOT ALLOW TO LEAVE UNATTENDED. ESCORT TO SCHOOL.
"Well Sam, it seems as if you were telling a little lie to me. Says here that you SHOULD be in school right now."
"There's been some kind of mistake," Sam replied. "I'm not in school any more!"
The officer just shook his head. "I don't want to hear any of your lies. Just shut your mouth and follow me."
Sam started to say something, but the look on the officer’s face made him swallow his words. The officer called a female officer over to where they were standing.
"Process this one for me.”
The female officer took Sam into a small room where she photographed and fingerprinted him.  Sam tried to tell her that there was a huge mistake, but her radio kept going off about some fiery bus crash.
The officer roughly grabbed Sam by his arm. “Come with me.” She led him back into a small room with a door that led outside.  The male officer waited there. “Here you go.”
The officer waited until she left before turning to face Sam. “Well, it seems that you are quite the trouble maker and liar. Your name is all over our system for truancy, petty theft, possession and attempted prostitution. Now if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your mouth shut. Now, I’m going to take you to school, so we can let them know you WILL be showing up and then I’m taking you home. According to our records, you are currently enrolled at…

What school does Sam end up at?

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