"A World that was at War"

World War Three ends, people pick up the mess.

Chapter 1 by Mazer Mazer

(Please note because of how I am writing this story it is important that you do pick a first and last name or else the main characters name will be John and his last name will be Doe which will then make the last name of his family the same. I use the name Hayden Logan, am only informing you of this should you not feel like picking one yourself, others have voiced that if I was to give the character a name I should just make it so. I on the other hand feel there should be some freedom and the reader should be able to become involved in there reading. It should be noted that character map has spoilers and I do update it with information as I write the story so that I can quickly reference information. So please be sure to be advised of this before reading it. It should also be noted I do go back and edit and correct things over time to make them sound better or closer to what I might have been trying to say if it seems confusing when I come across lines. So please understand this is all just a growing story I alter a bit here and there!)

You are a boy of your late teens eighteen to be exact, and you live in a small country wedge between what use to be the USSR or Russia, and China. Your country use to be called Mongolia. Your people use to be one of the most proud groups of warriors and fighters in ancient times. But since World War III broke out your country has become a refugee location of safety for many races and populations. The Mountains for which make the majority of your country makes for an Ideal place to stay safe and protected from many things. Biological or Nuclear, but that is digressing from the point of the story. Your country for lack of a better reason is now often referred to as a Free Zone, there is more then one Free Zone in the world thou your home land happens to be one of the largest. Thou your country is taking steps that suggest your not as free as the title to your country suggests.

Your Family was not always from Mongolia, your family had emigrated. Near the start of the war and you are second generation. You had heard that your grandparents had first gone to The Yukon, and then got on a flight to Free Zone your family now has residence in. As best as you can tell your family is American, thou you might be Canadian. Your grand father had gotten a job and made you official residents so your family gets treated a bit better then the average Refugee even if you are often mistaken as one.

You go to an average High School in some of the more lowland area's of your country, that is not to say that there is not Mountains all around you that is just to say that you are surrounded by mountains. Anyway, they speak and teach in English. And all though World War III was caused by Western Idea's and people of many nations and so on that did not wish to take part in the war. Fled to your country to take shelter in the Mountains. It had taken your country, time during the war to build the housing and civil requirements most other countries, countrymen might expect. Because of this they have had bits of unrest in the population and one of your countries greatest struggles is to have enough food for it's people and the refugee population.

The Government has been taking actions behind the back of its citizens with hopes to reveal the truth to them all once they have the trial runs work out, the entire Free Zone Government is behind it, and they plan to take said actions til the day comes when they feel they no longer have too. The Actions of the Free Zone Government will infringe on the rights of its citizenship a lot more then most of the world and the government might hope. Thou it does not mean that many of the people who's rights are going to be infringed on mostly will not enjoy it.

Now on with the story!!!!!

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