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    Chapter 29 in The Lilith Strain

    Part of you knew that Megan was infected, as soon as you saw her emerge from the pile of her soon to be brethren. A disgruntled groan slid from your lips as Megan began to sashay toward you with a mischievous grin on her lips. Megan grinned lewdly as she ran a hand down her barel...

  2. Introduction by ZeroKonD

    Chapter 1 in A different lust

    Hello and welcome to** "A different lust"** option selector. Here you can choose the start of different stories in various environments and situations such as; - _A Married Life _ - _School Life _ - _Mind Control Powers _ - _Kidnapped by Aliens_ - _Rulebook/Rulephone/Rule Powers...

    Different Paths, Incest, Mom-Son, Son-Mom, MF, MFF, FF, FFF, Daughter, Mother, Father, Son, Brother, Sister, Siblings, Workplace, Cheating, Cuckold, Voyeur, Cheating Spouses, Erotic, Sci-Fi, SciFi, Scifi, Science Fiction, Science fiction, Fantasy, Group sex, Group Sex, Bisexual, BDSM, Interracial, Lesbian, Mature, MILF, Milf, Mind control, Mind Control, Non-consent, Non-Consent, Rape, Romance, Swinging, Teen, Toys, Masturbation, Toys & Masturbation, Toys and Masturbation, Fetish, Harem, Power, Powers, Man, Woman, Joy, Spitroast, Gym, Instructor, Car, Vehicle, Bus, School, School life, School Life, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, Big butts, Big Ass, Big ass, Big Butts, Big Butt, Big butt, Brunette, Blonde, Bimbo, Airhead, Alien, Human on Interspecies, Interspecies on Interspecies, Sex, Underwear, Female on Female, Male on Female, Transsexual, Female on Transsexual, Transsexual on Female, Transsexual on Transsexual, Herm on Female, Herm on Herm, Female on Herm, Female on Male, Male on Interspecies, Female on Interspecies, Futa on Female, Futa on Futa, Female on Futa, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Ghosts, Horror, Undead, Zombies, Zombie, God, Game, Universe, Alternate Universe, Married, Trapped, Rule, Absolute Rule, Absolute rule, King, Queen, Emperor, Band, Music, Hypnosis, Work, Secretary, Boss, Female Boss, Female boss, Moral, Moraly, Humor, Love, 18+, 20+, 19+, 30+, 40+, Grandma, Grandmother, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Aunt, Cabin, Lake, Sun, Swimming, Pool, Summer, Winter, Holiday, Weekend, Schedule, Me, You, Story, Celebrity, Fan Fiction, Fan fiction, Space, Space travel, Space Travel, Sleeping, Drug, Drugs, Dark Ending, Dark ending, Stars, Star, Planet, Planets, Milky Way, Milky way, Panties, Bra, Titfuck, Boobjob, Handjob, Titjob, Assjob, Anal, Missionary, Doggy style, Doggy Style, Assfuck, Grinding, Scissoring, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Fisting, Public, Exciting, Pissing, Piss, Shower, Water, Animal, Dog, Cat, Fish, Food, Meal, Meat, Arousal, Mindfuck, Deepthroat, Blowjob, Dripping, Semen, Cum, Penis, Cock, Dick, Vagina, Pussy, Dream, Dreams, Catfish, Catfished, Fishing, Boat, Android, Robot, Evil, Good, Bad ending, Bad Ending, Good ending, Good Ending, Lord, Baron, Fat, Big, Giant, Giantess, Oblivious, NPC, Small, Tiny, RPG, Adventure, Action, Childhood Crush, Childhood, Stalking, Stalker, Police, Police Station, Police station, Arrested, Arresting, Escape, Escaping, Chased, Chasing, Forest, Desert, Snow, Plains, Paint, Wall, House, Community, Reader, Readers, Feedback, Choose your story, Enjoy, Enjoying, Satisfied, Cousin, Cousins, Farm, Farmland, Island, Islands, Deserted, Deserted Island, Apocalypse, Mutant, Mutated, Survival, Desolate, Desolate City, War, Strength, Agility, Speed, Charm, Endurance, Stamina, Luck, Lucky, Lucky 7, Lucky Seven, Bowling ball, Bowling Ball, Bowling pin, Bowling Pin, Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Burn, Burnt, Burning, Destroy, Destroyed, Destroying, Crazy, Group, Sexy, Bombshell, Bomb, Tha bomb, The Bomb, Infection, Infected, Military, Military Vehicle, Soldier, Soldiers, Navy, Crash, Crashed, Boulder, Bold, Bald, Cave, Caves, Screams, Scream, Running, Run, Tired, Dirty, Muddy, Mud, Dirt, Tire, Flat, Apartment, Derby, Alarm, Alarmed, Scared, Scary, Scarecrow, Crow, Cow, Milk, Milking, Bucket, Filled, Filling, City, Sheep, Sheeps, Duck, Ducks, Goose, Pig, Pigs, Pitchfork, Shovel, Hole, Holes, Grave, Graves, Graveyard, Cementary, Admin, Administrator, Head, Lips, Ass, Butt, Breast, Breasts, Fondle, Licking, Sucking, Chase, Tilting, Tilt, Hanging, Advantage, Alternate, View, Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Saw, Candle, Fire, Break, Breaking, Broken, Tits, Boobs, Motorboating, Flabbergasted, Out of breath, Out of line, To much, Much, To little, Little, Hound, Valentine, Xmas, Christmas, Jingle bell, Jingle Ball, Jingle Balls, Jingle Bells, Santa, Saint Nick, Santa Claus, Elf, Present, Suprice, Tree, Light, Lights, Roof, Bed, Cookies, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Thanks Giving, Thanks giving, Easter, Easter Egg, Easter egg, Easter bunny, Easter Bunny, Nun, Bunny, Magic, Reindeer, Rudolf, Horn, Horny, Ordinary, Alphabet, Book, Books, Rabbit, Rabbits, Domestic, Clown, Clowns, Virginity, Virgin, Monster, Monsters, Games, Gaming, Streaming, Stream, River, Sea, Captain, Spongebob, Seashell, Seahorse, Crab, Mermaid, Mermaids, Atlantis, Disney, Copyright, Copyright strike, Sad face, Corner, Money, Homeless, Hobo, Happy face, Face sitting, Face Sitting, Oral, Dentist, Club, Clubs, Bouncer, Gate, List, Lists, Dancing, Dancer, Bellydancer, Lapdance, Striptease, Stripper, XXX, Porn, Caught, Caught in the act, Caught red handed, Caught red-handed, Nipple, Nipples, Prick, The end, The End
  3. When In Doubt, Use Your Teeth! by MrFinesse

    Chapter 9 in Perils of a Novice Superheroine

    The only useful tool you have on you is probably your teeth. Not really a good plan to chew on chunks of vegetation currently ramming themself into a woman, but sometimes you just have to use the tools God gave you. You pull on the vine currently wrapped around Daisy's neck and s...

  4. She Goes Straight In by MrFinesse

    Chapter 5 in Infectious

    While she is terrified of the dark, she doesn't think looking around in other people's apartments would be better, especially with something else on this floor with her with only a door between them that isn't even locked. Rumiging around might even draw its attention. She doesn'...

  5. Sisterly Betrayal by

    Chapter 24 in The Lilith Strain

    Amanda sat quietly beneath her desk barricade as she peered out to see Maya stood inches from her. Every few seconds her former friend would stare at her with those soulless slit eyes and idly tap on her wrist. Even though Amanda knew she had to protect her little sister, she was...

  6. Vacuum lips by envywest

    Chapter 10 in Free use world

    Katie was lying in a bright room. Mr. White had given her some pills to help her calm down. Unable to refuse, Katie had swallowed them. She couldn't remember how she came here, but there was a handful of men dressed in white swirling around her. 'Doctor, patient F9 has woken up...

  7. No, there is not. (Alien Lube) by MesmerEyez

    Chapter 9 in Trapped in an Alien Maze

    You bang your fists pathetically against the wall of the cave, having trapped yourself in a dead end. Dread begins to take hold as you imagine yourself dying here, being picked apart by those awful bat-like creatures. Their whirring and noise-making getting louder as the sw...

  8. Kept as a cum dump for a week by Robopoop

    Chapter 9 in Peril: The Fall

    For the next several days, Kara was kept in that cell without any way to contact the outside, or help herself or Diana. If Kara was not able to find this place easily, neither could any other superhero who had similar powers. The entire time, the gang of thugs use them day in and...

  9. Knock on the door by The Dreamer

    Chapter 3 in Younger Brother Fantasy

    So, you finally about to do something after just waiting there for what feels like entirely. You finally work up some courage and knock on the door. You knock three gentle knocks on the wooden door. You still scared a bit, if you were going on with the plan telling your sister th...

  10. Have your own sexy adventure! by Semprini

    Chapter 5 in Ultimate Fanfiction

    As you wake up, you find yourself in a quaint little house. There's a note on the table that tells you that, apparently, you've just called Mario over to help fix your pipes? You wonder for a moment if you accidentally made the wrong turn and went to the Yaoi section, before reme...