Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Anal by KingSagrell

    Chapter 5 in Scandinavian Conquest


  2. Oral by KingSagrell

    Chapter 5 in Scandinavian Conquest


  3. An Uncomfortable Ride and the beginning of the conquest by KingSagrell

    Chapter 4 in Scandinavian Conquest

    Idbado begrudgingly folllowed the rude man out of the terminal, walking beyond his son Chris, whose feminine form he eyed up, much to Chris' embarrassment and discomfort. Chris had felt intimidated by the much larger and more imposing African since the minute he had laid eyes on...

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  4. Peeps or Keeps by Loeman

    Chapter 53 in Women of Color

    At the sound of metal teeth grinding in the lock to her office door, Vanessa swept her makeup kit and lipstick off her desk, into a drawer, sliding it shut just in time. Kind of just in time. Not that she really should have to hide it, not like that, with guilt washing over her...

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  5. Mr. Styiggson and his only Son by KingSagrell

    Chapter 3 in Scandinavian Conquest

    Mr. Styiggson waited impatiently at the airport for the arrival of his "guest." _Damn monkey better hurry up, I have better things to do than wait for some Somalian piece of trash._ He paced back and forth in the waiting area, grumbling. Accompanying Torun was the only family he...

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  6. Idbado, An 18 year old Afar Tribesman from Somalia by KingSagrell

    Chapter 2 in Scandinavian Conquest

    Idbado had grown up as the son of a chief of a semi-nomadic tribe in western border regions of Somalia, frequently traveling back and forth between Ethiopia and Somalia as the situation required both for food and for reasons of safety. Being the son of the chief had bred attitude...

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  7. Introduction by KingSagrell

    Chapter 1 in Scandinavian Conquest

    Torun had protested fiercely in the National Assembly against the Progressives' Refugee Resettlement Plan along with the rest of his party.[ ](http://party.As)A long serving member of the far-right nationalist SDN party(Sons and Daughters of the Norse), Torun Styiggson was well r...

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  8. An unorthodox solution by Khan

    Chapter 64 in Crossing the divide

    Michael's pace is faster than Eve's, and she has to hasten to follow him as he walks far away to not be heard by the crew. "You didn't say anything!" she exclaims, mildly annoyed. "I had to do all the talking and take all the bullets! What is the meaning of this, I thought we we...

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  9. It doesn't look good, at first by Khan

    Chapter 63 in Crossing the divide

    Stan, the male host, is the first to talk. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen from all colors! Today, we have two young people from the town university, members of the Diversity Committe, a student organisation fighting against racial tensions in an unusual way: With their sexua...

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