Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Ruffled by Loeman

    Chapter 58 in Women of Color

    Fighting the tears that welled in her eyes, Vanessa looked down at herself. She looked down at her skirt. Despite the nice cut, the ruffled pink miniskirt she was dressed in had been too revealing for Elly. Vanessa hadn't really approved of it when she purchased it; but she had...

  2. Introduction by Sithlord6969

    Chapter 1 in A Father's Revenge

    Part One: The Discovery August 15, 2010: Sam Johnson hated going into the bank. A long time computer nerd, he so much preferred doing everything possible online. Paying bills. Ordering gifts. So much simpler than having to go out and interact with people. Today's quest was som...

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  3. We return to the beginning by Sithlord6969

    Chapter 2 in A Father's Revenge

    Part 2: The Deception's Origin March 17, 1991: Teresa Magavio and her 3 best friends had taken a much-needed vacation from their university class work and headed off to Panama City for spring break. Teresa, Jill, Mary, and Tammy were all about to graduate from the Auburn Univer...

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  4. Resolution by Sithlord6969

    Chapter 3 in A Father's Revenge

    Part 3: One True Passion September 2, 2010; 6pm: Sammy Johnson squirmed on the leather seats of her vintage sports car, a graduation gift from her parents. She loved the swept back body and sleek design. The new leather seats stuck to the back of her damp things, causing her no...

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  5. ["Actually? Not Really."] by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 6 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    "Actually? Not Really." I state, wordlessly bidding him to redress. "I can accept that you're having one last fling before we start our relationship but not you 'cheating on me'..." I explain. "I'm kinda the jealous type and once we're together I want you to think of it more like...

  6. [Caution:Lust] by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 5 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    No sooner are we safely behind the protection of my personal wards then I ask Damian a question that has been nagging at me... "I didn't summon even the CLASS of being I was trying for. Damian; what did you say to the Proctoring Teacher which got me an 'A-'?" I ask. "She ha...

  7. [Just Getting Undressed...] (AKA, "Angels Have No Hymen"...) by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 8 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    We both remove our garments, slowly and sensually. First coats or frocks, then shoes, shirts, pants or shifts, and last our underwear. Then, once finally nude, I climb onto the bed and start kissing and petting Alicial's perfect body like it were some kind of exotic silken candy....

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  8. ["Woman Superior"] by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 7 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    }You need to take back full control of your sexuality,{ I decide, }So we're going to use the 'Woman Superior' position,{ I finish, accompanying it with an immage. }Are you sure? We don't have to if you'd rather...{ Alicial starts but I put one toughened finger to her lips....

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  9. I Try To Go Home For Vacation... by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 4 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    Hank and I leave the building feeling somewhat dejected, and after shuffling to my car in silence he finally says something. }.I am sorry, I had not realized how prejudicial your world was on the subject of women's sexuality.{ Hank explains, but I shrug. }Proctor Caliper...

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  10. On the King Size Bed In My Room... by Nemo of Utopia

    Chapter 6 in [The Miriam Godwin Academy Of Magic]

    I walk over to Alicial and pick her up, far more easily than I would a human woman of equal size. Then carry her, folded in my arms, to my own bedroom. My bed is a king size and for this I want the space, plus the symbolic action of 'carrying her across the threshold'... As I...

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