Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Introduction by innocentangel81

    Chapter 1 in Angel's Night Out

    Hi, I'm Angel. I am a 19-year old sophomore in college. I'm so tired of my boyfriend Anthony blowing me off for something else. He's always busy with school or work or friends to spend time with me or treat me right. He's a nice guy and all, so I'm happy to have him sometimes, bu...

  2. Introduction by xz1

    Chapter 1 in Long Time, No See

    I wasn't really sure that it was him. From across baggage claim all I could make out was his profile. It wasn't until he was walking by and I saw those beautiful blue eyes. "Hey stranger." I said softly. "Long time, no see." At first I didn't think he heard me because...

  3. Introduction by lendel

    Chapter 1 in Empress + Slave

    A Chinese empress has recently been victorious at little known minor conflicts with the newly discovered Europeans, most of which have important trade routes in operation within her empire, but this apparent good relationship between the peoples has not stopped smaller, more extr...

  4. Introduction by bugbarbeque

    Chapter 1 in A New Start

    Rachel flounced out of the apartment building, dragging her huge suitcase behind her, her anger palpable. How dare that little prick treat her like that, she wasn't just some little toy, they were supposed to be engaged, she fumed silently to herself as she made her way to a near...

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  5. Introduction by thornygal

    Chapter 1 in Lessons Learned

    My name is Jasara. I'm 22 and in college. My skin is the color of coffee. I have jade green eyes and long flowing hair the color of a raven's wing. I stand 5 feet 6 inches tall and have 32DD breasts. My waist is tiny. Last semester, I was in danger of losing a scholarship be...

  6. Introduction by je75

    Chapter 1 in Sara Michelle Gellar's a Black Breeding Bitch

    The rain was coming down so hard that Sarah Michelle Gellar had missed her exit on the freeway. She decided to get off on the next exit and when she did it brought her into the worst part of Los Angeles. Everywhere she looked she saw black men on the corners selling drugs or f...

  7. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Tara And The Red Indians

    It is 1874 and eighteen-year-old Tara is travelling west in a wagon train with her mother and father to start a new life for themselves in California. They have been travelling for many weeks now and are half way through the most dangerous part of their journey. The wagon tra...

  8. Introduction by Emma

    Chapter 1 in Arabian Princess

    It is 1897, Tara and her English father are holidaying in Cairo. The holiday was going quite well until her farther decides to try his luck at the local casino. He soon looses all of his money and ends up owing a small fortune to an Arab sheik. In order to pay off his debts, Tara...

  9. Introduction by phatpat7

    Chapter 1 in My First Time

    My name is Bill, and I just left Asia with my Naval Group. It was my first time to Thailand and my first in counter with paying for sex. A few shipmates and I went into one of the first strip clubs that we came to. It was not much of a strip club as most of the girls were already...

  10. Introduction by phatpat7

    Chapter 1 in My First Time In The Philippines

    My first time in the Philippines was quite the grand one as I had never been there before and did not know what to expect. Willie was a very good guy and he told me that he would show me the ropes. We started out at a rock bar. The beer was nice and cold and the women where nice...