Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. mandatory diversity comes on the news by reaper13

    Chapter 62 in Crossing the divide

    Eve is sitting in a chair. An assistant is putting make-up on her face as preparation for her to go on camera. “Do you still remember your talking pints, Eve?” Ayita asks. “I keep reciting them in my head.” Eve replies. “I’m more worried about forgetting one then using the wr...

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  2. You don't but your friend does by Tip

    Chapter 4 in New universes, here I cum

    You want to respond but one look at Reggie and you get quiet. Reggie looks over at the smiling female cop and just says, "Yes, officer." She smiles and says, "Ok then boys, get out and assume the position." Fuck. You've heard of this "driving while black" bullshit where cops pic...

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  3. In a car with a friend of yours by Tip

    Chapter 3 in New universes, here I cum

    You wake up and find yourself in a car. Looking around, you see your friend Reggie is driving and you're in his car. You shake your head to try to remember how you got here but you can't. You don't even know where you two are driving. Before you can say anything, you hear a polic...

  4. Cheers by Loeman

    Chapter 45 in Women of Color

    Her beating heart pounded loudly in Vanessa's ears, obscuring thought, sound, everything. She knew, though, that she had messed up. Everyone would be watching, eyes on her, looking at her. She... the cheer... she couldn't bear to see the crowd, the faces. The voices came from ver...

  5. Her ass by Tip

    Chapter 6 in New universes, here I cum

    As she continues to lick and suck on your cock, your brain doesn't really operate but eventually you spout out, "Ass?" The redhead immediately pops up and rubs her clearly wet pussy into her asshole. She turns around and jumps on top of you, grabbing your cock and preparing it t...

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  6. Investigating a possible crime by Tip

    Chapter 5 in New universes, here I cum

    Officer Smith removes her hand from massaging your balls but continues to stroke your cock as you walk into the house. She leans over and kisses your shoulder and neck as you two walk into the living room. Officer Johnson closes the door and follows. You get in and sit on the co...

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  7. A pair of police officers by Tip

    Chapter 4 in New universes, here I cum

    Looking through the peephole, you see a pair of white police officers: a tall white male officer and a gorgeous looking cute redhead female officer. Both are wearing the typical blackened shades so you can't see their eyes. The male officer also has his pants cut open with his co...

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  8. Prepped by Loeman

    Chapter 44 in Women of Color

    Vanessa's thumb moved on its own, scrolling down the bright screen of her cell phone. Her mind sucked in every word of the text exchange. Multiple exchanges. Words that were supposed to have come from her. Seemingly innocuous words, for the most part, but still she felt violated...

  9. college by jjsmith

    Chapter 2 in Watching Mom's Dark Adventure

    You're about to start attending State University, the largest college in your state. It's known for it's partying and football. Your freshman orientation is coming up and you have convinced your mom to attend it with you. As you drive into the school you notice some of the large...

  10. Dress up by Loeman

    Chapter 43 in Women of Color

    Vanessa would have gladly worn any of her own clothes, done in any style. Gladly, and gratefully. She wasn't wearing her own clothes. She was squeezed into... She looked at herself in the mirror. She was properly cleaned, thoroughly scrubbed down with soap. Her hair was natura...

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