Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Face Time by Loeman

    Chapter 40 in Women of Color

    "God, your hands are magic..." Cheryl moaned, and shifted, kissing Brand and pressing close. "I can't believe you talked me into coming up here. I can't believe..." Vanessa's secretary had the decency to look a little guilty when she glanced at her boss, bruised and battered, in...

  2. She gets her pussy stuffed by reaper13

    Chapter 34 in Crossing the divide

    Suddenly Kwame pulls his dick out of Shannon’s mouth and says, “That’s enough foreplay. Let’s go have some real fun.” _“Alright. Time to get it over with.” _Shannon thinks. The brunette stands up and asks, “Where shall we do it?” Kwame points at a table not far from them an...

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  3. A mouthful of sperm by reaper13

    Chapter 34 in Crossing the divide

    As Shannon preforms her first blowjob, she quickly comes to learn she enjoys it. There is something intriguing about the ability of making a man moan like that. But what she enjoys the most is how Kwame keeps telling her how good she is. He told her stuff like “Are you sure thi...

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  4. Nature's Call by Loeman

    Chapter 39 in Women of Color

    "Really, Nessie, after all that whining about pee... talking about pissing yourself, dancing on your little stumps, begging and begging, and now you can't go? You weren't lying to us, just trying to get outside so you could run around, were you?" After all her exposure, humiliat...

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  5. A lesson in fellatio by reaper13

    Chapter 33 in Crossing the divide

    “Having a good time, Shannon?” Kwame asks. “Mmm, yeah. Very good.” Shannon moans. “Good, cause I got a toy for you to play with.” Kwame replies. Kwame then stands up and unbuttons his pants. Shannon watches his pants drops and eagerly awaits the moment she gets to lay...

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  6. He is up for some fun by reaper13

    Chapter 32 in Crossing the divide

    The guy’s gaze goes down to her boobs, then her hips. Shannon can feel him undressing her with his eyes. It makes her feel naked in front of him. Not something she enjoys, but hey, that’s what she gets for basically throwing herself at him. The guy smiles and says, “Why don’t...

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  7. She’s not getting left behind by reaper13

    Chapter 31 in Crossing the divide

    _“This can’t be.”_ Shannon thinks._ “All my friends are growing up and I’m getting left behind? Screw that, I can grow up too!”_ It’s not even really that difficult. All she needs to do is find some guy and have sex with him. How hard can it be? In fact, she’s got the perfe...

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  8. Shannon by reaper13

    Chapter 30 in Crossing the divide

    Shannon sits down and grabs the controller. She’s started playing video games like ten years ago and considers her somewhat of a gamer girl. She doesn’t much enjoy being separated from her friends, but this game being promoted here looks very good. Alright, first thing to do in...

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  9. Servitude by Loeman

    Chapter 38 in Women of Color

    The 41 year old ebony career woman's brow furrowed in concentration. She pressed her lips together in effort. She squeezed her anus, and readied herself for another long pull of her tail. She lifted a shoulder, and wiggled her torso, and shifted a hip, all the while puffing and...

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  10. Not yet by reaper13

    Chapter 31 in Crossing the divide

    _“Have Jim’s dick in my pussy?”_ Tiffany thinks. Well, if she is to be his girlfriend it would have to happen someday. It’s just … she’d have to give up being a proper innocent girl and become a slut. “Come on, Tiffany. Don’t be a pansy. Fuck your boyfriend already. I mean,...

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