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Chapter 19 by JohnLocke4 JohnLocke4

Do You Cave Or Leave?

You Cave

You let out a loud sigh, "Look if I cum in your mouth will you go to sleep?"

Jen nodded quickly with a large smile, "Yes I promise."

"Alright fine, but that's it. No fucking." You said stepping back buttoning your pants,

"Yeah, yeah, just get your cock out." Jen said laying on her back and letting her head hang off the edge of the bed,

"What are you doing?" You asked staring at your sister,

"Making sure you don't get any of your cum on the bed." She said innocently, You stared at her, knowing that she was up to something. Still you pulled out your dick and began to stoke it, "What are you doing over there? Come on get closer."

You took a few cautious steps forward and continued to stroke yourself while your dick dangled right over Jen's face. Jen let out moans as she started to rub herself and squeeze her breasts. You looked down and watched in pure ecstasy as you sister, you sweet little sister masturbated at the sight of your dick.

You closed your eyes and jerked quicker getting ready to cum but this was exactly what Jen was waiting for. The moment you closed your eyes she turned over and grabbed your dick. You stumbled back in surprised and fell to the floor. Jen jumped down after you and shoved her mouth around you dick.

"Jen what the fuck!" You exclaimed more in shock than anger. Jen pulled of your dick with a devious smile. She jerked you while saying, "I want your dick, so if you won't fuck my ass or pussy than you are going to fuck my face." With that she shoved her mouth back onto your dick.

Jen kept to her word, she started roughly fucking your cock with her mouth. You let out moans of pleasure giving Jen all the incentive she needed to continue. The pleasure was too much you grabbed Jen's head and began to thrust into her mouth harshly. Jen steadied herself and opened her mouth wide as you pushed into her throat.

"You fucking slut!" You yelled out fucking her mouth with great speed, "God you just want your brother's cock don't you!" You yelled helping yourself to orgasm. Just then you heard Jen hum in agreement to your dirty talk. You immediately started to shoot roped of cum into her throat. Jen took you down to the hilt and waited as you emptied your balls into her stomach.

Finally spent you let go of Jen's head and she pulled off of your cock. She let out a few hard coughs but quickly turned back to you with a smile. "That's what I'm talking about." She said jerking your spent dick. You got to your feet and stared at your sweet sister thinking that just maybe you should fuck her.

Do You Leave Or Continue With Jen?

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