Escape the island
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Chapter 5 by Aronson Aronson

What will Ben do with his hot Mom?

Why waste time? Let mom suck!

"l have a few ideas, mommy," he said. "You encourage some fantasies, my hot sexy mommy."

"You think I'm sexy? Well thank you, handsome. Tell mommy more about these... fantasies!" Sarah replied.

"Okay mom, but remember, you asked for it! I really love your make-up, it's hot, seductive and kind of slutty,..."

Sarah gave Ben a wide grin ."Thank you. Do you like it when your mommy looks slutty? Boy, you intrigue me, tell your mommy-slut more!"

"Yes mom, I like your slutty look! You are a real fucking hot milf!" he said, causing Sarah to moan with bliss, hearing her son talk to her like that. "Your make-up suits your horny self, doesn't it mom? But you need two more things. You need your lipstick smeared and my incest-cumshot on your face, you fucking horny slut!" he continued, getting more excited as he went.

Sarah grinned wide, feeling the wetness in her panties and her hard nipples against the fabric of her bra. She gave him a teasing slap on his shoulder. "Wow! You bad bad, naughty boy! You want mommy to suck your cock? You want me to lick it, suck it? You want me to incest-fuck your hot big cock with my whore-mouth until you spray that wonderful son-cum all over my whore-face? I knew you would have an awesome idea, you bad sexy devil!"

How will Sarah blow her son?

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