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Chapter 34 by Javalar Javalar

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Use the schoolgirl's outfit.

"Wait a moment!", you whisper, and return to the entrance where you find the package which has arrived with 6-hour-delivery. Your hands tremble a bit as you open it and find all the things you ordered. You quickly strip all your clothes and instead put the different pieces of the schoolgirl's uniform on: the bra, the mini skirt, the lace up vest, the stockings. You finally rummage quickly through your shoe cabinet and, to your surprise, indeed find some pretty long high heels that you only very dimly recall buying. One of these shopping frenzies... You inspect yourself in the mirror and stare at a quite slutty young girl who very obviously did not collect all those A grades by using her brain. The only thing really missing here are bigger boobs. You squeeze your breasts together to make them look more impressive and sigh. There's nothing you can do to fix that problem right now anyway. What you are lacking in boob size, you have to make up with real convincing role play...

Giggling you walk back to the kitchen where Dave waits.

"Uhm, Mr. Teacher?", you greet him, and watch bemused how is eyes are ogling you. "I am here, like, for the private tutoring? You know - you said this morning that if I want to pass exam I need, like, private lessons. You know, I totally don't want to be, like - stupid!?"

The look on Dave's face is priceless, he seems to hold his breath and is unable to say anything. So you just continue. You put your left index finger into your mouth, sucking on it for a bit, granting him an anxious look and finally say: "I am not stupid, right? Mr. Teacher? I mean... yeah, I totally didn't get this citronella acid whateva thing you talked about this morning - but, I really swear to you, Mr. Teacher, like, that there are some things I am really, really good at - like: toootally good!"

You walk over in your high heels to the kitchen table, savouring the click-clack sound, sit down and look at Dave. There's an unmistakable bulge in his pants. There's not doubt: He likes this stupid version you. He seems to get really hard when you behave dumb, and that, somehow, appears to be the most important finding of the day. You enjoy playing the dumb girl for Dave - you really do. It feels hot and relaxing at the same time.

"What things would that be?", asks Dave, finally finding his voice, but not yet completely convincing into the role of "Mr. Teacher". You flash him a smile, and try to turn it into a mixture of innocence and sensuality.

"Oh, I, like, totally can make a guy cum in under one minute!", you say, happily. "I mean, that must count for something, right? That does need knowledge, and brain, and skills and, like... head?"

"I am not sure those are the skills we are talking about here", answers Dave, slowly and stares at you. "That's not part of an exam."

You shape your mouth into a pout and try to look disappointed and a bit frightened. Inside, you grin and giggle, as Dave apparently starts to pick up the role playing... "Ooooh, Mr. Teacher, pleasey? Can I show you? I will make you, like, totally happy? And like... uh, you know, that's a pretty impressive cock you're hiding there in your pants?"

Dave groans softly, his eyes wide open, his lips dry. Once more he seems incapable of answering.

"You know, maybe it's all so totally your fault anyway, Mr. Teacher? That I can't concentrate! Because, like, whenever you enter the classroom, I sooooo dream about you fucking me with that cock, and then I absolutely can't think of anything else?" You stand up from the table and walk over to Dave, your high heels clattering on the kitchen floor. The moment you stand right in front of him, your hand goes down to his pants and opens the zipper to reach inside. Dave seems rock hard and even bigger than you remember him.

"Mr. Teacher, can I please, please have look?", you ask and smile.

Dave nods, eyes on you.

You giggle and go down to squat in front of him and pull his cock out between the zipper. "Oh my god!", you sigh longingly and look up at him. "You know, whenever I see a man's hard cock, there's like something in my brain that, like somehow snaps, and I get into toooootal fuck mode? I really can't help it, I'm like hipposized in those moments, or whateva that word is..."

You reach for Dave's hard erection and start licking it. Dave groans deeply. You giggle again and intensify your tongue work before wrapping your lips around him to suck noisily. You quickly wonder why you never did something like this before. It feels like the bestest thing you have eva done in... in... wait! Are you actually starting to think in this dumb language now?! That should be frightening. Except that... it isn't. It's acuatlly kinda sweet. And hot.

You continue sucking Dave, until you feel he's close to cumming and stop, freeing his cock with a plop.

"Don't you want to fuck my tight pussy, Mr. Teacher?", you ask Dave and turn around, placing both hands on the kitchen table, presenting him your ass which is barely covered by the mini skirt.

You did not expect Dave's reaction as he immediatly grabs your hip, forcing his cock, lubed with your saliva, straight into you. You gasp and let out a small shout of pleasure which quickly turns into moaning. Dave feels incredibly hard. And big. Like the biggiest cock eva in your pussy. And it feels sooooo good, to play dumb for him. You wish you could just turn dumb somehow, and please your man like this. Not thinking of work anymore, just thinking of... how to get him to fuck you.

There's only a very short warning as Dave grunts and then he cums, thrusting one, two hard pushs towards you, while you feel his sticky goo flooding you deep inside. That was a very short pleasure. You should feel disappointed. But somehow you are, on the contrary turned on. Turned on by being used for a quick fuck. That's how it should be, no? To give your man a long and intense blowjob, priming him up, and then offering yourself for his release. That's what this is all about, after all: Making your man cum. You sigh and moan, and try to squeeze your pussy tight around him to feel him even more intensely...

... as the door opens and Jana enters the kitchen.

Strangely, your first though is not one of embarrassement, but of jealousy. The girl has such incredibly beautiful round boobies. You want tits like that as well. They are not even huge, but just... perfectly round.

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What's next?

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