Escape the island
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Chapter 4 by dirtykentman dirtykentman

Does she answer, has she?

Too shocked to answer

Her eyes widen as she looked up at him, the bluntness of the question and its obvious suggestiveness shocking her into shyness.

"I'll take the silence to mean you haven't." As he spook his hand caressed down her dress, over her hip and around her ass, encased nice and tight in the figure hugging dress. "Yet" he added after a moment, grinning at her, letting his hand rest there, fingers moving so slightly, caressing her through the thin material.

All she could muster was a little nod of agreement as she stood still, taking a slight glance around to make sure they were truly alone, that no one else from the party had had a similar idea of taking a walk through the majestic gardens and enjoying the warm evening weather.

She stood looking up at him, their bodies so close as his hand continued to caress gently. The gap between them reduced, and it took her a moment to realise it was herself that had closed it, taking a small step towards him under the insistence of his hand around her, pulling her closer. His hand slipped further around her, cupping one cheek fully, squeezing gently, all the time watching her face.

Her mind was in turmoil, a mixture of fear, anxiety and pleasure as this older man basically groped her just a short distance from where her parents were, where many people were, many people who could at any time come out the same way she allowed herself to be walked, and if anyone did come, she knew they would be spotted, still standing so openly along this pathway.

"Let's go a little further" he suggested as if reading her mind. And already, before she had had a chance to answer, his hand was again slipping onto her waist and guiding her away from the path.

Does she allow him to take her further?

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