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Chapter 2 by 229 229

Who does she invite?

The goth girls

Sarah knew some kids who were sure to say yes to staying over. They were collectively known as goths, but really, they ranged from girls who performed weird rituals to those who just really liked to wear black. Still, none of them would pass up the chance to get to spend the night in a "witch's house."

All Sarah had to call was Rebecca, one of two Rebeccas in her school, who absolutely hated each other. They had somehow ended up an a weird passive aggressive competition to, as most people joked behind their backs, be the most stereotypical as they could. This Rebecca had straight dyed black hair with purple highlights, and always wore black eyeshadow, and dark lipstick. She was the reason that the fashion goths and the ones who actually believed in magic hadn't split from eachother, and Sarah knew that she could just tell her, and she'd make sure that everyone showed up.

There was no doubt that Mackenzie would show up. When Sarah mentioned her aunt in passing, Mackenzie almost had a heart attack she was so excited. She had been so thrilled to hear about it, Sarah didn't have the heart to tell her that she didn't believe in magic, and she was pretty sure that since then Mackenzie had been trying to get closer to her so as to eventually meet her aunt.

Dana was another given, as she followed Rebecca damned near everywhere. She seemed to be totally fine with playing second fiddle to Rebecca in every way, and Sarah had always wondered if she actually liked letting someone else be in control. She had never asked though, because she had never thought of a way to phrase it that didn't sound highly sexual.

Gloria was quiet, in sort of a weird way. She tended to be dragged along by the others, but there was definitely a reason she had ended up with the goths. She had a practically encyclopedic knowledge of magical lore and ancient beliefs. She also had a number of what seemed to be fake tattoos, which she changed every month or two, but when Sarah asked, she said that she also had real ones.

Kaytlin would be there for sure as well, being a "Wiccan". Despite her insistence as to that fact, Sarah thought of her as one of the fashion goths, as a quick conversation had showed her that Kaytlin knew absolutely nothing about Wicca.

Finally would be Erica, another fashion goth who was known for her odd outfits, which she made herself. Sarah would never say it, but she sometimes felt like Erica's clothes slipped out of goth and into BDSM.

Does Sarah invite them?

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