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Chapter 44 by TheNextGamer TheNextGamer

Hooray for social media! The best place to stalk your Ex to see how their life is compared to yours!

The First Step! Bragging on Facebook!

You awkwardly sat down next to Tiffany as she began to unpack her lunchbox. As you watched, you started to gawk at her for how much stuff she managed to fit inside the tiny thing.

She pulled out a sheet, plates, utensils, chocolate covered strawberries, sandwiches, orange slices, a bottle of lemonade, small glasses, tiny umbrellas as decoration, pretentiously adorable little cookie snacks, a small carton of chocolate moo-milk, a small salad bowl, salad dressings-


"Sorry for packing so lightly. I would have grabbed more stuff, but I... uh... had a weird dream last night and accidentally woke up late, so I was kind of in a rush." She apologized with a sheepish smile.

You blinked dumbly at her, unsure how to respond to that. If this was her idea of packing lightly, you'd hate to see what she would carry if she was packing seriously.

You decided not to question it. Not questioning things seem to be working out great for you these days.

Instead, you focused on the more important piece of topic on your mind right now. "As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, I'm assuming that doing this won't actually be enough to make Zeke go crazy with jealousy..." You said to her.

Finished setting up your rooftop gourmet picnic, she organized everything in a nice and aesthetically pleasing order. "Not yet. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a whole list of ideas and suggestions that we can go through together."

"A list?"

Satisfied that all of her things were in order, she picked her phone up and started taking selfies in extremely specific and weird angles, positioning herself just right to get a good shot of her and her lunch at the same time.

You raised an eyebrow as you watched her go through a painstaking effort just to try to get that perfect shot, even doing a limbo move as she bent her knees and laid her back flat on the ground.

"Nice!" She nodded proudly, before doing a couple of taps on her phone. After a ding, she looked back and asked, "Sorry, what were you asking about?"


"You said something about a list..." You repeated, already feeling slightly annoyed.

"Oh, right!" She remembered and then went on to explain, "So, yeah, this is only the first step. After I finish posting a few cute pics of us eating together, I wanted us to meet after school later and go out on a date to make our relationship seem more authentic. That's gonna be step two."

A date? Huh... You don't exactly have a lot of experience on dating... You've only ever been on the one date with Bella, and that was like three days ago. Plus, she was the one that was taking the lead on the date, not you. Romantic guru, you were definitely not.

"So I'm not really the type of guy that goes on a lot of dates... I might not be very helpful when it comes to-" You began to tell her, only to be interrupted.

With an excited grin, she shushed you with a finger, "Stop right there, because I already got it all planned out." Then she pulled a notepad from her pockets and flipped through it, "I figured you might say something like that, so I made this list of locations that I thought might be fun to visit. Here, have a look! Let me know if any of these places catch your eye!"

She shoved the notepad towards you, causing you to fumble around a bit like an idiot before getting a firm grip on it.

You looked through her list of dating locations, raising an eyebrow at some of the more weirder places that you didn't expect Tiffany to be into.

There were some standard stuff; Movie theater, cute restaurant, shopping mall, a cliche parking spot where you could see the sunset, a nearby amusement park, etc.

Then there were the strange ones...

An octopus themed aquarium called 'Octotopia', where they showcased unique and exotic sea creatures. A haunted house that recently turned into a local tourist spot a few miles away from town, where they claimed how a family of five mysteriously died fifty years ago and were now restless ghosts that haunt anyone who sleeps inside. Even some kind of niche Club in town that's combined Disco Dancing and Ice Skating together, something that threw you in for a loop.

"I didn't even know our town had an ice skating rink, let alone one that's focused entirely on Disco dancing... Didn't even think that they would match well together." You hand back the notepad with a dumbfounded look, "You're seriously into that sort of stuff?"

"Well, sort of... Kinda?" She said, unsure how to explain it to you. "They seem really interesting, and I've always wanted to visit them at some point. I don't like going alone though, but most of my friends never want to go with me when I ask. They keep telling me that these places were stupid." She rubbed her arm uncomfortably, "Even Zeke said that they all sounded boring and told me not to go. So I never went with him, not even as a date..."

Huh. Well, that's... pretty fucking lame.

Seriously. Zeke won't even go to these places with his own girlfriend, even though she was personally interested in them? Isn't that a bit self-centered?

"I guess most of these sound pretty stupid in hindsight." She admitted, ripping a few notes and crumpling it up. "We don't have to if you don't want to."

"Woah, hey there-" You grabbed her arm before she managed to throw her notes away, "I'm not saying I don't wanna go. Like, I really don't care what you want to do while we're on this date plan of yours. Just do whatever you want, I ain't gonna stop you."

"You don't mind...?" She asked hesitantly.

"Well, I mean, think of it this way," You offered, "Zeke never takes you out on a date to these places, right? He's the only one that gets to choose wherever you both went? In that case, this might actually be the perfect chance to piss him off! Think about it. He'd probably feel really stupid if he found out you were having much more fun going on dates with me, all because I took you out to all these places that you always wanted to go to. Jokes on him for giving me such a huge advantage, right? He'll think that I'm easily manipulating you into liking me more by giving you whatever you wanted. All you have to do is show him that what I'm doing is working. As an added bonus, once you to get back together again, he might even start copying me and let you decide where to go on your next date just to keep you happy with him."

She slowly considered your words, nodding in agreement. "Yeah... Yeah! That's not a bad idea!" She lit up with a smile, "You're pretty good at this, John! Have you ever done this before? You're like some top-tier master manipulator, it's so cool!"


You gave a sour frown at that.

Bleugh, why does that compliment leave such a bad taste in your mouth? You almost feel disgusted with yourself.

She smoothed out her crumpled notes and stuck them back in her notepad, "So you really don't care if I choose where to go on all our dates?"

You shrugged, "Not really. Go ahead and pick all the spots that Zeke thought was stupid. That'll show him for being an inconsiderate douchenozzle."

Hearing that, she excitedly starting scribbling down the next page in her notepad, looking like an excited little girl planning her first field trip.

Seeing this made you smile a bit. You weren't sure if you had ever seen her so carefree and happy like this. Gave you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Like feeding a cute dog her favorite treat as a reward for good behavior.

A really cute dog.

A very cute girl...

She was such a cutie-pie...

Hm... You wondered if you could convince her to let you take her back to your place as a date option. That would be pretty romantic...

Once she was done, she tucked her notepad away with a grin, "Alright! I think we've got a pretty good date scheduled for today."

You snapped out of your daydream and looked away awkwardly.

Jesus, where the hell did that thought come from? Was something wrong with you today?

Clearing your thought, you told her, "Cool, I guess. I'll just follow you wherever you need me to go."

She giggled happily. Then she pulled her phone out again, before scooching over to sit right next to you. The sudden close contact with her caused you to get flustered a bit, but you didn't say anything as you saw her line up her phone camera.

"Okay, so I need you to hold this." She told you, steadily keeping the angle while handing over her phone. "I want you to take a few good shots of us acting cute together."

"Right..." You experimentally touched her phone, getting the hang of its weight. This was a newer model of your own phone, you think. It felt high tech and expensive, just touching it. "So how do you want this to look?" You asked her.

"So maybe like, a few pictures of me hugging you. Kind of like this." Tiffany demonstrated by wrapping her arms around your neck and rubbing your cheeks together.

Oh jeez, she was warm... And she also smelled pretty good too. Was that lavender? Yeah, that was definitely lavender.

Man, it felt so weird having her hug you like this... You could feel your heart beating faster.

"Yeah, this is good." She smiled for the camera, "Say cheese and take a picture!"

Following her command, you aligned the phone up just right and gave a small smile as you took a shot.

"Okay, now one more with your arms around my shoulder." She instructed, diving under your arm and cuddling you with her head under your neck. Then she smiled warmly, "Cheese!"

You wrapped an arm around her tightly, and took another picture.

"Come on, John. Can't you pull off a better smile than that?" She playfully chastised.

You rolled your eyes at her, but followed her instruction and gave a little more effort in trying to make your smile seem as natural as possible.

"Cheese!" You both cry out.

You take another picture.

Tiffany let you go and took back her phone, looking through the photos with a nod. "These look really cute."

Tiffany then suddenly handed you a piece of strawberry covered in chocolate. You looked at it confusedly, before asking, "So, what, you want me to hand feed you now?"

"Mmhm!" She nodded with a smile, holding up her phone camera to prepare for another selfie shot. "Get close so that I can get your face in the shot too. Remember to act romantic, okay? Show them how much we love each other!"

You chuckled, before smiling anyway for the camera.

Looking directly at her phone as she aligned it, you placed a strawberry in her mouth.

She took a few snaps, before pulling away and chewed on her treat as she looked through her pictures.

"Hm... Maybe we do that again with a better angle? I'm not feeling the love here..." She said with a swallow. Then she got back into position and opened her mouth again for another strawberry.

You did it again, trying to put more effort in your smile to actually look like you were enjoying all this.

She took another set of pictures but frowned disappointedly. "No good... None of these shots show how we're in love together..."

"I can't exactly put food in your mouth anymore romantically than I'm already am, Tiffany." You chuckled.

"Good point." She nodded back, "Here, I have an idea then."

She stuck a strawberry between her teeth, and then without warning, grabbed the back of your head as she pulled your face towards her until OH GOD THE STRAWBERRY IS IN YOUR MOUTH NOW.

You froze up from how close her face was in front of yours. You could feel your lips connecting together with only the strawberry in between, preventing this kiss from escalating any further to an actual make out session.

She slowly caressed the back of your head for a bit, almost forgetting to take the selfie. She closed her eyes and snapped a few pictures blindly.

At this point, you're pretty sure your face was about as red as the strawberry in your mouth. Still, you kept still and closed your eyes, waiting for it to be over.

Tiffany finally lets you go, leaving the strawberry in your mouth as she looked over her photos again. Then she giggled, "This actually looks really good! Oh my god, take a look at us, don't you think we're adorable together?"

She showed you a picture of the two of you intimately kissing each other with your eyes closed, sharing a piece of chocolate covered strawberry in your mouths. If anyone else saw this picture, they would definitely think that you two were a lovey-dovey couple together.

You slowly chewed on the strawberry, blushing up a storm and feeling too worked up from the kiss to respond properly. "Mmmph mph mmph..." You mumbled with your mouth full.

"This is absolutely perfect." She praised, tapping her phone for a bit. "'Me and my awesome new boyfriend! Hope nobody is jealous! :P #sharingiscaring' Aaaaaand posted!"

Oh god, people really were going to see that picture. This feels kind of embarrassing...

"And now we wait for the likes and comments..." She said, leaning her head on your shoulder and hugging your arm as she held her phone up close for you to see.

You swallowed, before stuttering, "Um... Can you just... maybe next time... warn me first before kissing me like that? You nearly scared the crap out of me..."

She blinked for a moment, before getting startled and backed away from you. "Oh, right! I'm sorry!"

"Like, I don't mind! It's just... I'm not used to it yet..." You awkwardly mumbled.

You never thought you'd be kissing her like that again. You were still reeling in from the touch...

Man, her lips were really smooth and glossy, which was kind of different from Bella... When Bella does it, she did it in a more rough and intimate way, making you feel like you were in some kind of romantic soap opera. But Tiffany gives off a different vibe whenever you two kissed. It was playful, teasing. Very cutesy. Like she know's she could be rougher, but always pulls back just enough to make you do all the work.

You wondered if you would have to kiss Tiffany a lot while being her boyfriend. You definitely need to buy breath mints if that's the case... Maybe some Chapstick too to make it more enjoyable for her, something you've been meaning to do ever since you've started being with Bella. You wouldn't want your two girls to feel dry lips all the time...

Wait, no, what? The hell are you talking about? You and Tiffany weren't actually dating! She's not your girl, you were certainly not some playboy that was juggling between her and Bella! Did you seriously forget that this was all just an act? Tiffany was Zeke's girlfriend, not yours!

Putting away her phone, she apologized, "I didn't think to ask you first! I completely forgot that you weren't actually my boyfriend, so it just felt natural to kiss you-" she went silent, realizing what she just said.

You stared at her in surprise, "What? You forgot?"

It wasn't just you? Her too?

Jesus, were you two so good at pretending that you even managed to briefly convince yourselves into thinking you were an actual couple? How in the world did you even manage that?

Tiffany started stammering a bit but was unable to form any coherent words, her face slowly growing red as she tried to come up with some kind of excuse. Sadly, nothing in her brain could come up with anything, so she ended up staying silent instead.

You looked at each other with growing blushes, unsure of what to say to each other. There was an awkward silence that filled the air. The awkward tension in the air was so thick, you could throw a knife at it and it would probably stick.

After a while, Tiffany embarrassingly covered her face, silently groaning, "Is that stupid dream messing with my head or something?"

You furrowed your brows in confusion, "Dream? What dream?"

"Nothing!" She suddenly shouted. With a nervous grin, she laughed awkwardly, "It's nothing! Don't worry about it. I'm just being loopy, I guess!"

"You said you woke up late because of a weird dream, right?" You asked curiously, "What was it even about if it was bothering you so much?"

"It... It's a really weird dream..." She awkwardly looked away, "I don't exactly feel comfortable talking about it. Look, just forget it, okay? I'm fine, I probably just need more sleep..."

Despite her insistence, you couldn't help but get a really suspicious feeling.

Dreams... Why does that word always seem to pop up wherever you go? Shelly had weird dreams about you, Bella said she had dreams about you, and now Tiffany was starting to have weird dreams that make her act too casual towards you...

Was something going on because of these-


What were you talking about again?

Right, something about how weird you've been feeling around Tiffany... You don't know why, but it seems like there was a really strange thing going on between the two of you. You wondered if this fake boyfriend girlfriend relationship was causing all of this?

"Um... So," she broke the awkward silence first, changing the topic, "I think all I need is just a few more pictures and we'll be done for now. Let's try to finish this before lunch period ends."

"Right..." You coughed, shaking off the weird feelings. "What else did you need me to do?"

She thought about it for a moment, looking around to see what else she wanted to do. Then she looked at you and asked hesitantly, "Can I sit on your lap...?"

Uh, what?

"For the pictures?" You blinked.

"Yes, for the pictures." She went on to explain, "Usually, when Zeke and I are alone together, he'd ask me to sit on his lap so that he could hold me. Sometimes even touch me and stuff. I thought maybe if Zeke saw me sitting on your lap, then he'd... You know?"

"Okay, that makes sense." You nodded unsurely, feeling nervous at the idea.

Unlike earlier, the next few minutes started becoming much more uncomfortable. You kept trying all these various positions and poses for Tiffany to take pictures of, but in the end, none of them met up with Tiffany's standards.

Before, everything felt natural and fun, almost like you two were a real couple. Hugging and kissing her didn't feel all that awkward, and you were almost starting to get used to it. But now that you were both consciously aware that you two were acting much friendlier and closer than you should be, the magic seemed to have died out. She kept squirming around nervously, always apologizing for every little thing. You kept getting weirded out by all these thoughts and feelings that showed up every time you did something together.

Neither of you could concentrate properly anymore.

It honestly boggles your mind how things went south so quickly. You wouldn't have thought that things would be so awkward between the two of you. Like, for fuck sakes, she literally made out with you in the cafeteria in front of everyone AND gave you a handjob on this very same rooftop just YESTERDAY. Things should not be so uncomfortable like the way they are now!

After a while though, the bell rung to signify the end of the lunch period.

Tiffany almost got startled and nearly dropped her phone as she was in the middle of snapping a picture of her sitting on your lap.

"I guess we ran out of time..." You stated with a frown.

"Yeah..." Tiffany scratched her head and stood up from you. She looked at her phone again and gave you a small awkward smile, "Well... We were able to get some attention from this, at least. I already got 23 likes and 7 comments from the strawberry picture alone."

"Any of them from Zeke? Did he see it?" You perked up and immediately asked.

She shook her head. "No. I don't think he'll leave a comment behind even if he did."

Oh, right. Duh.

Well... It's safe to assume that he did at least hear about it, right? Yeah, that's probably right. You made some progress today. Hopefully.

As Tiffany starts packing everything up, you noticed how she barely touched any of her food this whole time. Besides you feeding her those chocolate strawberries, you wondered if she even ate anything at all.

"Hey, Tiffany?" You called out to her, pointing at the sandwiches and the orange slices and the cookies and etcetera etcetera etcetera, "How come you didn't eat anything today? What was even the point of bringing all of these if you didn't even take a single bite?'

Tiffany looked over her food collection, before stating, "Oh, this? No, these aren't meant to be eaten. I just brought them all out as decoration to make the background look good for the pictures. How else was I supposed to make it look like we were having a romantic lunch?"


Alrighty then. Not even gonna question it.

"Do you need any help packing all that stuff up, then?'

"Nope, I'll be fine." She waved you away, "Go ahead without me. I've done this before, so it's no big deal."

"...okay..." You mumbled awkwardly, before standing up to leave.

"Don't forget to meet up with me later after school in front of the school doors!" She quickly reminded you, "We still gotta do our date today!"

"Right, right..." You nodded to her.

The day's not over yet... Still got this whole date thing to look mentally prepare for...

As you got near the door of the rooftops, your fingers lingered over the doorknob for a bit before you looked back at Tiffany.

She was on her knees with her butt raised in the air, steadily organizing everything back insider her impossibly small lunchbox.

You only wanted to check back on her for just a quick moment, but you found yourself momentarily distracted by the way her ass waved around in the air.

Shit, you wished she was wearing her cheerleader outfit right now so that you could see more of her-


God damn it, John, you perverted freak! Things were already awkward enough already, could you please keep your pants chill and leave already before she caught you ogling at her ass?!

With rosy cheeks, you went downstairs and headed to your next class as you left Tiffany up alone on the roof.

Unbeknownst to you, when Tiffany heard you finally leave, she collapsed to the floor and started breathing heavily.

"Fuck... what is wrong with me today?" She whispered to herself, feeling her face getting flushed as she turned over to stare up at the sky.

Memories of her dream last night popped up again in her head, and she shook them away frustratingly.

"Why am I getting so worked up over a dream? None of it was even real..." She muttered to herself.

The whole time while she was together with you, she couldn't keep her thoughts away from her dream. It started becoming incredibly distracting when every time she looked at your face, she could only think about the other John Doe in her dreams.

Images of John confessing his love for her as he violent plowed into her pussy while in the middle of a soccer stadium flashed through her mind.

She covered her face embarrassingly at the memory, before feeling herself get excited in her pants.

"Damn it, Tiffany! It's just a stupid dream! You don't even like him like that, and he doesn't either! You're only in love with Zeke! So stop thinking about it!"

But she doesn't stop thinking about it. In fact, she does the complete opposite.

She started unzipping her pants and completely gave in to her lust, fingerfucking herself while thinking about the John Doe in her memory. The John Doe who was in love with her.

The John Doe who she really really wished to be real instead of just being a fake wet dream version of him.

Even when the bell rang again to let her know that she was late for her class, she still didn't stop.

With a lewd moan, she orgasmed quickly and coated her underwear with her juices. After the high was over, she laid back down and slowly closed her eyes to appreciate the afterglow.

A quick nap couldn't hurt, right? As long as she doesn't sleep for too long.

Who knows? She might even dream about him again. That would be pretty nice...

Yeah... Forget about real life for just a second... She just wanted to dream right now...



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