Escape the island
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Chapter 3 by dirtykentman dirtykentman

Does she let him continue to lead her away from the mansion?

She shows no signs of resistance

The gentle pressure on her back kept her walking even as they left the paved area, leading her onto a pathway that wound its way through the large gardens. As they walked, he asked questions and she happily answered, not feeling any need to hide anything from him.

By the time they had reached a fork in the pathway he already knew so much about her; she was still in college doing A-levels, she didn't have a boyfriend, having split up with one just a few weeks previously, she lived at home with her parents, and had been dragged here tonight by them almost by blackmail, they had insisted it was only right to be seen as a good family unit in front of all the important people who would be here tonight.

She hadn't even paused and considered not answering when he had questioned her about her sex life, although he kept those questions to the simplest ones for now; no she wasn't a virgin, she hadn't been for a couple of years, yes she was on the pill, yes she had made her boyfriend wear a condom, although they did once do it without when they were out and had got a little hot and bothered and carried away.

"And have you ever fucked a much older man?" was his next question as they paused by a small stream far from the mansion, the sound of the party drifting through the evening air to them.

For once she hesitated at that question, looking to him, seeing a glint in his eye as he stared intently at her. "well?" he asked, pushing her for an answer, his hand resting on her slim waist.

Does she answer, has she?

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