Escape the island
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Chapter 6 by Shandy Shandy

What Next?

Push her on the floor

The steamy aroma of her pussy fills your nostrils, inflaming you. You push her off your lap onto her hands and knees on the floor.

"What are you doing Sir?" she squeals in alarm, and you position yourself behind her, pushing her knees apart with yours. You grab the string of her thong and roughly pull it aside, fully exposing her. You rub your straining cock against her pussy, feeling her hot juices run over it.

"Oh you mustn't! You can't! You never said you would do this!" she struggles feebly as she protests, but you hold her hips as your cock rubs against her slit.

"I'll do what I want, wench. You're my fuck toy now."

"Noooo! Please No! Please Sir! I beg you, please!" Her frantic pleading only excites you more and with a sudden thrust you bury your cock in her wet and willing pussy. Whatever she is saying, her body is saying something entirely different.

"Noooooo! Take it out, please take it out, please sir! I'll do anything," she begs but her hips are rocking meeting your thrusts and pressing her ass back against you.

"You'll do this, wench. You'll take my cock and love it." You pound into her, driving your cock deep with every thrust. She rocks her ass, her hot cunt squeezing your thick shaft.

"I don't love it, I don't want it. Please stop Sir, please take it out." She sounds like she is crying again but there is a husky note to her sobbing that has a clear sound of lust to it. More excited than you've been in years, you thrust into the helpless girl, impaling her steamy cunt. She continues to push back against you, meeting your thrusts, matching your rythm, while her words beg you to stop. Her breath is coming in gasps now as she pleads.

"Oh my God, please take it out, please stop, please, it's too big, you promised, you promised only spanking, oh my God please Sir, please don't, please take it out."

You reach under her, soaking your fingers in her pussy juice and squeezing her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! OhhhhhhhGod! Oh don't. Oh please stop," she babbles, panting and gasping. You trace your pussy dampened finger between her ass cheeks and press it against the tight pink rosebud of her asshole.

"Noooooooo! Not there, please not there!" she protests but you press your finger in, burying it to the second knuckle in her tight hole. Suddenly she is coming. Spectacularly. Bucking against you like a wild mare, driving herself against your impaling cock and invading finger, gasping out her lust in a frenzy.

"OhGodOhGodOhGod, I'm sorry I'm a bad girl I'm so sorry Ohgod I'm sorry." Her cunt muscles squeeze your cock as they spasm, and you know that you are close to coming. You thrust your finger deeper into her ass and drive your cock into her..

"I'm gonna come," you groan, driving deeply into her again.

"Not inside me, " she squeals. "Don't come inside me!"

Do you pull out?

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