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Chapter 2 by moonblack moonblack

Where to go from here?

Other characters and groups

Elra and Ilra
Elra and Ilra are two sisters who look human, but in fact are not. They are Ele’ards – a race of shape-shifting women. Each and every one of them has inherent mastery of one element – fire, water, air or earth. Ele’ards usually don’t interact with the rest of the world (except when they are looking for a father of their children) and thus humans believe that they are just a myth.
Elra has sea blue hair and is a very skilled Water Mage while her sister Ilra has silver hair and is a very skilled Air Mage. In addition to their elemental magic they are also unusually skilled in shapeshifting, and they take full advantage of their skill. Depending on how complex and different from their original bodies the changes are their changed forms can last from a few hours to a few days. If they want they can even pass for men – as long as they don’t have to take off their clothes because there is one part of their bodies they can never change, no matter what they add or remove. Several times one or both of them have raped a woman, successfully tricking her into believing that it was done by a man and thus distracting attention away from them.
When not using their shape-shifting abilities the sisters have nearly identical voluptuous and very seductive bodies – large round breasts, perfect smooth and unblemished skin, slim waists and nice firm butts. Many men and women have offered them fortunes to spend just one night with the two.
Recently Elra and Ilra have learned about the disappearance of the crosier. To their disappointment the thief has done an excellent job hiding it from any and all forms of magic seeking, so the only way to find it is to go to Tharros and search for it in person. After nearly a century of research the two have determined that the crosier may be the staff they need. However obtaining it had seemed nearly impossible – at least until someone had done them the favor of stealing it. Now they just need to find the thief…

A mighty barbarian warrior. With his height of 216 centimeters he’s an intimidating figure that stands above most people. He’s skilled in using both a Greatsword and a Greataxe, though currently he’s carrying only the latter.
For several years Ivard traveled from city to city, doing whatever jobs were offered to him and fucking women in his free time. Then one day he ended up on the wrong place at the wrong time. To this day he still doesn’t know what really happened there – was it a battle between mages, or was it some unusual magical phenomenon. The only thing he knows for sure is that his skin was changed that day. It now looks like rock rather than skin and is just as hard. Fortunately it’s not as heavy. Only two parts of his body were not affected the same way: his face, which remained unchanged, and his dick, which is also covered by a rock-like skin, but returns to normal when fully erect.
The change brought Ivard a lot of trouble because most people started considering him a monster and more than a few ‘monster hunters’ tried to end his life. For nearly three long years Ivard was stuck like that. Then one day he found a ray of hope. He heard an old legend, according to which the crosier in possession of the High Regent of Tharros was a magical staff capable of restoring his body to normal. The chances of that being true were slim, but it was still better than nothing. The only problem was how to obtain the crosier. But he would worry about that once he got to Tharros…

A group of six cultists sent to retrieve the crosier because the leaders of their cult believe that it might be one of the artifacts they lost centuries ago, during a great war. The group consists of three well-endowed men and three very seductive women. Usually they play the roles of travelers
Jerrin – the leader of the group. He is a very skilled warrior; his two longswords have ended many lives. Physically he doesn’t seem like the strongest and most intimidating person, which has fooled many people. He is quite popular with the ladies because his other sword is quite impressive
Kerald – the group’s thief. A master of stealth and disguises, he has escaped from countless seemingly-hopeless situations. He is also a gifted orator and often prefers to rely on words rather than steel. When left with no other choice, though, his two curved daggers with poison-covered blades can be deadly.
Kerald has little trouble unlocking almost any lock and ‘borrowing’ the money pouch of almost any person. Last, but not least, he is an expert at setting up, detecting and disarming traps.
When it comes to women Kerald prefers to charm and hire tavern wenches to satisfy his needs. Thanks to his skills he’s never had any trouble with money and, consecutively, women.
Oeld – a black mage specialized in causing unpleasant things to others. From pain, through diseases, to death. He can also affect the minds of others, forcing them to obey his commands or share with him things they don’t want to. He often uses his magic powers to fuck or rape women without them remembering what has happened.
Ja’arina – a woman who has mastered most ranged weapons: bows, crossbows, and all sorts of throwing weapons. Her leather armor both hides and emphasizes her ample bosom. She is interested only in men (and is quite popular with them) and doesn’t like the other two women in the group because they often tease by making her sexual offers.
Feolla the Seductress – a shameless whore who will fuck anyone – man or woman. She has a voluptuous body many women would kill for, and likes to display it by wearing as little clothing as possible. She’s useless in combat, so she prefers to seduce others and make them fight in her place.
Xe’ana – a skilled assassin who specializes in stealth and hiding. She can brew a number of potions, mostly poisons and antidotes. When it comes to sex she’s nearly as shameless as Feolla. “I’ll fuck anyone and as many times as they want, if that’s what is needed to carry out my mission.” she says, and she does it without hesitation

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