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Chapter 2 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Only one question remained. Would he go for the bonus objective?

Of course. He is even surprised to see it is optional.

Jerking off in his room or in the shower was an integral part of his preparation for a day at Ashcroft Academy. The prestigious private school for students who had already graduated high school was full of girls so sexy that even with frequent masturbation John had almost creamed his pants in class a few times, having to run to the bathroom to relieve himself.

The short skirts and sheer blouses of the uniforms complimented perfectly the fully developed bodies of the young female students.

Naked under the shower, having put his dirty boxers in his inventory rather than remove them by hand, he was soon pumping on his cock with images of some of his sexiest schoolmates in mind.

New skill: Masturbation lvl 18
Masturbation: Your high skill allows you to get hard with little to no stimulation. Your ejaculation is a lot stronger than normal and your balls refill totally in 2 minutes up to 20 times a day.

Endurance +1: Your frequent masturbation increases your general endurance. The time you can hold while stimulated before climax is derived from your libido score (negative) and endurance score (positive).

John had just shot a huge glob of cum on the wall of the shower stall when the pop-ups appeared.

He also got a message saying he would get the extra 10 xp if he finished his quest.

Going back to his room after using the bathroom he equipped his school uniform and put a few things like his phone, keys, wallet, a few spare clothes and other useful items in his inventory. He hoped that it would expand over time because the 24 slots would fill really quickly once he would begin to use them.

He only had to eat breakfast to validate the quest of getting ready for school. He still found it stupid that something so trivial could be a quest but thought that it could be a sort of tutorial.

He still had no clue of how or why this was happening to him. He wondered if other people could see the name above his head or the windows opening when he used the interface.

He went downstairs to the kitchen, his mom had prepared a delicious breakfast.

Brenda Newman.
Lvl 9, housewife.

It was showing above her head but she didn't seem to notice it or the one over his head. This created more questions, were 3 and 9 very low levels or average ones? Was there a reason his mom was only lvl 9 and would he have to be her age to advance to this level? And most important, the title of his mom was MILF, seriously?

After greeting her he wolfed down his waffles washing them with a glass of orange juice and a new pop-up opened to tell him he gained 30xp. It opened his character sheet but his mom continued to chat with him like it wasn't there.

He was at 272/600 xp to get to lvl 4, if he got other easy quests like this one he would level up quickly. He could see that he gained a recent buff on both hp and mp due to his breakfast despite being at his max health and magic.

Magic! This thing said he had some but so far apart from what looked like an interface he had found no real magic skills.

He decided to use the Observe skill on his mom.

Brenda Newman.
Lvl 9, housewife.
37 years old
Mother of: The Gamer.

He could only see this, he had no access to her character sheet or inventory and got only little info (and nothing he didn't knew beforehand). He would probably get more intel once he trained with this skill.

While getting his school bag ready he began to use the skill on everything he could. He noticed that he had lost 1 mp every time he used the skill two or three times. Of course with the low cost and the regeneration buff he had it barely put him at 50/60mp when he left the house to take the bus. His current regen rate was 0.5mp/minute but was doubled by the buff. He had got lvl2 in the skill but the upgrade seemed marginal.

He looked once more at his inventory before leaving and saw a line above it.

The money from his wallet had been extracted to the inventory, or at least what little of it there was.

He had spent his allowance and some of his lunch money to buy the new Ultimate Dream XXIV video game last Saturday. He was broke once again, lured by the attraction of some fantasy world and pixelated girls in skimpy clothes.

If he went to school like that he would have to skip lunch, or he could take something to eat before leaving.

The last solution was a last resort thing, he could borrow ten bucks from his mother's purse before leaving. He would put it back later of course.

How should he be? : Hungry? Thrifty? Guilty? Crafty ?

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