Escape the island
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Chapter 6 by Aronson Aronson

How will Sarah blow her son?

Mom gets her head fucked

"On your knees, mom! I always wanted you to choke on my cock, you slut!" commanded Ben impatiently.

Sarah faked a shocked expression and lowered herself, smiling seductively at her son. Soon, she had his pants around his ankles, as she slowly pulled down his boxers. His hard member was clearly showing through the fabric; Ben was obviously ready to get his dick sucked by his incest-mom kneeling before him. His cock popped out from his boxers and Sarah looked at it in awe, then up to Ben.

"My my, you horny little motherfucker!" she said, licking her lips. "Already hard for your mommy's mouth, aren't you?"

"Yeah, my mommy-slut, I am. Now, stop talking and start sucking your son!" he cried.

Sarah slowly opened her mouth, but Ben couldn't wait. He guided his rock-hard member into his mom's mouth. First just the tip, waiting some seconds. He felt his mom lick it, heard her moan loudly. Then she started to suck, moved her lips up and down his shaft. Ben watched her; they made eye contact and Ben wasn't able to wait any longer. He held her head by the back and pushed deeper into his mom's fuckhole-mouth. Stroke by stroke, as deep as she would let her son mouthfuck her, then suddenly he pushed past her tonsils and right into her throat.

Sarahs body shook briefly, but Ben held his blow-slut in place for some more seconds. Tears ran down Sarah's cheeks; never had a man been that deep in her mouth before. Now her son was, and after he pulled back, he pushed right back into her throat. Sarah had expected him to pull it out and tried to get some air, but his surprising push caught her off guard. She choked and gagged, which only offered Ben the very exciting feeling of her throat contracting. Sarah pulled back, releasing her son from her mouth. Long strings of saliva hang from her upper lip and chin to his shaft and balls.

"Goddammit, mom, you have a great fuckhole behind those sexy lips!" he said.

His cock was all wet from his mommy's mouth and stiffer than ever before. Sarah in the meantime coughed and grasped for air. Her saliva dropped onto her tight pullover, into her cleavage and onto her pants. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Never had a man used her face like that, and she wasn't sure if she could take it. On the other hand one thing was for sure: her son had only begun to fuck her mouth.

To prevent him from invading her throat right away she grabbed his cock, stroking it. It was all wet. She kept wanking her son's cock, smiling at Ben, who was in 7th heaven. He watched his mom, jacking him off, licking the top of his cock with her long sexy tongue.

Who will take the lead now?

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