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Chapter 5 by AnonySD AnonySD

Who do you play with next?

Lunch with your sister.

You decide to head downstairs and grab a sandwich. As you're making it, you slip the cock ring on and look at the chair where your sister, Kelly, usually sits. Your cock pokes through. You don't want your sis to accidentally sit on your balls. You concentrate to make sure your sister is the only one who can see it.

Ever since Kelly grew boobs, you've been attracted to her. It also helped that she was a natural red head, your favorite hair color. Her small freckles always made her look very cute to you. Her boobs were slightly bigger than average, and that was just fine with you.

Your sister comes in from the laundry room, still wearing her pajamas as it is a "laundry day." You sit down and start to eat as your sister goes into the kitchen to make her own sandwich.

As she comes to the table and places her food down, she looks down at her chair and jumps.

"What the fuck?" she says. "Bro, did you put this here?" She bent over a little and started stroking at your flaccid cock.

You keep a straight face as you look at her. "Put what where?"

"The fuck stick, here, that's what." She looks down and is surprised to see her hand stroking the disembodied cock on her chair. Try as she might though, she can't stop her hand from moving and making the cock hard. She moves her hand tenderly, moving from base to shaft to head and back again, feeling up every inch of your cock.

"What the hell is going on?" she says, almost to herself.

"What are you going on about, Kelly?" your mom says as she comes into the kitchen.

"Mom, there's a cock on this chair." Kelly says.

Your mom gasps and looks directly at the chair. Kelly's manipulations of your cock have finally gotten it hard. However, your mother frowns.

"Oh, hardy har, Kelly," your mom says. "Don't make fun of me. It's not nice." Your mom goes back to the kitchen, muttering to herself.

Your sister tickles the head of your cock with one hand as she starts pulling down her pants with the other, exposing her ass and pussy to the world. She gasps again, looking at you.

"B-Bro... Are you seeing this?" she asks, petrified.

"Seeing what?" you say. "You sitting down?"

Your sister pushes her pants down completely and carefully positions herself. "Oh shit," she whispers as she plunges her pussy onto your cock. You moan as you take a bite into your sandwich. Kelly moans as well as the cock is thrust deep inside of her. She looks at you, suspicious.

"This sandwich is so good," you say, trying to cover up your moan.

After a moment, your sister slowly starts to bounce up and down on your cock. Her pussy is the tightest you've ever felt. She's only ever had one boyfriend that she went "all the way" with, so it stands to reason that she's pretty damn tight. It feels warm and very wet as she starts to fuck you.

Your sister moans. "Holy fuck, this is some good cock," she whispers. She looks up at you horified for a second. "Uh, bro... Do you see me doing anything?"

You smirk at her. "You mean besides sitting down and acting weird?"

She raises an eyebrow and, hesitating for a moment. Takes her tits out. She stares at you. "What am I wearing?"

You use this as an excuse to stare at her tits as they bounce up and down. Obviously, she's testing your reaction. She has continued to fuck you slowly the entire time.

"Uh," you say, looking at her like she's crazy. "Your pajamas? What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing," she says. "Thank God," she whispers to herself. "I love playing my boobs while I'm getting fucked." She starts to rub her nipples and softly pull at them. She moans. "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can."

She continues to bounce and moan as she fucks you. She goes a bit faster, her pussy gripping at your cock, milking and caressing and massaging your dick. You moan occasionally, always trying to hide your excitement with your food. Finally, your sister starts bouncing faster and faster, fucking your dick like her life depended on it. She starts pulling at her nipples roughly, lost to all the sensations.

"Fuck yes," she moans. "Fuck me. Oh, I need this cock to cum in my pussy. Fill me with your cum. Fucking creampie me, I'm begging you."

"Oh, God..." You shiver and glance at Kelly. "Did you say something, Kels?"

She doesn't respond as her pussy squeezes your cock. She shudders hard as her entire body gives into the the orgasm. Seeing the utter ecstasy on her face, you shoot your second load of the day, shooting spurt after spurt into her pussy. Finally, after a moment, you adjust your seat and use the movement to remove the cock ring. Your cock slides out of your sister's pussy. She's panting, trying to get over her orgasm. She looks around and, as if she's just noticing what she's done, quickly lowers her shirt and raises her pants. She blushes hard as she grabs her plate. She glances at the seat as she stands up, seeing the cock is now gone. She looks confused as she runs off.

"I, uhm... I'm going to eat in my room," she says. You watch her as she leaves. You can see the cum stain leaking through her pajama bottoms. You hold back a chuckle as you finish your sandwich.

What should you do now?

More fun
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