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Chapter 2 by Brickhouse Brickhouse

Where does Kelsey's Story begin?

Laundry Day

With a groggy yawn Kelsey awoke, it took her several minutes to realise that she in fact wasn't saving some damsel in distress...and was in fact laying on her bed, glancing over herself she let out a surprised gasp "I'm naked!" Instantly covering herself up, it took her another minute to realise why she'd forgone both clothing and bed covers "...oh's Summer..." thankfully the poor girl could get away with sleeping stunts like this, her bedroom was at the back of the house, and thus avoided such perils like perverted neighbours on the other side of the street.

Stretching her arms out she took stock of her surroundings, her room really needed tidying up, at least she took her dirty clothes downstairs to be washed yesterday...opening her wardrobe compounded that fact "Oh...shit, yeah nothing left..." The naked 18 year old raised an eyebrow as she casually searched her drawers...the only thing she could find to wear was her too large collection of thigh high socks, perfect for looking cute in on cold nights, sadly this wasn't a cold night, it was... "10am? Huh...I slept in..." The girl shrugged, it didn't mean too much, she only had a couple of chores today.

"Might as well get dressed" The bare brunette mumbled to herself, her laundry basket would be just outside her modest as she was, this was her own house, she wasn't a major prude...but...the problem was her laundry basket was in her room...where she always left it...

Slowly walking over she carefully opened the lid up, the smell of old dirty laundry made her close it immediately "...uh oh" Thing is...Kelsey is one of those people that leaves taking her laundry down too late...only taking it down when it's a serious problem, seems she might've forgotten this time though.

It took her a minute to realise that most of her clothes were in this basket...and they smelled foul "I-I can't wear these..." She whined, before heading over to her door, poking her head out into the hall "Hey mooooom?" The call echoed throughout the house "Mooom? You there?" No reply to either.

This is when it hit must be at work or something, what day was it again? It dawned upon her that the answers to all of her questions lay outside her room, that meant walking around naked though, she was fine with the quick walk to the toilet down the hall at night...but...10am?

Taking a deep breath, she accepted that she HAD to do this. Mustering up all the willpower she had, she poked her foot out into the hall, bare toes touching the carpet, before her leg followed, then her hip, an arm, chest, breasts, pussy and ass. Loudly gulping she just stood there dumbly, like a lost child at Walmart.

"Well that was the easy part..." Kelsey muttered to herself, looking around, taking a couple more experimental steps "...lets see what the hell is going on..." And with that, she headed downstairs.

What does Kelsey find downstairs?

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